10 Things I’ve Learnt From A 10 Year Relationship

Woah, ok I have no idea how it is even possible that I am old enough to have had a 10 year relationship…let alone a pretty successful one!

Yep, today marks the day that Ross and I had a cheeky little kiss on his 21st birthday, and little did we know where we would end up.

There’s been countless highs, and lows far worse than we ever could have imagined…here’s what it’s taught me.


Communication really is everything.

He knows everything there is to know about me. In fact, sometimes I talk so much, he simply tunes me out. Lol.

But seriously, if you tell me something, then soz…you’ve pretty much told my husband too.

2. We’re a team

Two things have made me realise this more than ever, cancer and preparing for the baby.

When I got my diagnosis, it felt like we got cancer, not just me. Everyday I thought about how it was affecting Ross, and what it could mean for him.

Now we have lots of happier decisions to make of the baby variety, I’ve seen again how important it is to work as a team.

Even when I think Ross might not give two hoots about what snowsuit we buy for the baby, he surprises me by having a real input. Spoiler: buying baby clothes is his fave thing to do.

Decisions that affect you both, no matter how big or small, should involve you both.

3. Lolololol

We laugh. A lot.

In the early days, we used to literally lay in bed and just laugh at random things.

Oh to be a lazy student again.

But, we still laugh at each other, at the same things on the telly, at our dog, and at old memories.

You know the ones, where you suddenly remember something that used to make you laugh 5 years ago, and it’s still just as hilarious. Love it.

4. You do you, boo

We both have different things that we love, and we make sure we spend time apart doing those things.

You would never catch me begrudging him a night playing FIFA with the boys, or playing golf for the 2127387th time that week.

I always know he’s coming back, and he would ditch anything in favour of my needs, if I really needed him, so ya know…it’s all good.

5. Arguments and alcohol don’t mix


Many a night out has ended with an argument that I barely remember the next day.

Probs over one of us wanting chips from one shop, and the other wanting a burger from over the road.

6. Let the little things go

As we all know, there are bigger things to worry about in this world than whether he’s picked his pants up off the floor.

Yes, it might annoy me, and yes, I’ll probs make a sarcastic comment, but has it ruined my day and sparked a full on argument?

No, never.

7. Balance each other out

Whilst we have a lot in common, we’re also very different.

Ross is the impulsive one, I’m the one who likes to come up with a plan and research my options.

It pays off on so many occasions…sometimes he needs me to reign him in, and other times it’s good that he encourages me to just let go.

8. Make memories

Whatever you love doing together, whether it’s movies on the sofa, shopping trips, country walks, or big travel adventures.

Make it happen.

You will never regret it.

9. Make time

This is so important.

You might love just sitting at home drinking tea together, or indulging in a little date night action, either way, don’t let life get in the way.

Ever had a crazy busy week, then suddenly you get two minutes to just look at that person you love and think yep, love you…make sure you find that time.

10. You just need each other, let everything else go

Ross and I wish that we could win the lottery/find that dream job/live in our dream home (blah blah blah, the list goes on) daily.

But in reality, all we need is each other, and deep down, we know that more than anything.

So yeah…at the risk of getting a little bit soppy…I’ve loved that guy for a whole decade (pouncing on you in a bathroom at Uni was more than worth it)…here’s to plenty more decades ahead.

HBD to my fave guy in the world!

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