27 Weeks Pregnant: Apps, Magazines & Who To Follow

Blimey. 27 weeks pregnant. How did THAT happen??

It feels like yesterday and a million years ago all at the same time that I took that pregnancy test in a hotel in Switzerland.

In actual fact, it was May, and I was already around 5 weeks with said baby by that time. 27 weeks pregnant leaves just 13 weeks left to go until full term and eeeeeek…that is not long.

I chose not to write pregnancy updates on my blog, mainly because I’m tracking it in other ways. Soz for the self promo, but I am uploading weekly vlogs so if you’re into all that, there’s regular updates over on my YouTube channel.

I’m also keeping a written journal for baby too, which is simply a diary style notebook that I can scrapbook and be as creative (or not) as I like with.

I loved this idea because my mum kept one when she was carrying me, and through the first few months of my life. I loved reading it (until it got lost among far too many house moves, boooo), and wanted to do the same for my own little snotface.

Unfortunately, when we found out we were having a boy, Ross was quick to tell me that he won’t give two sloppy baby poos about my journey, but ya know, I can live in hope.

With this being the first Baby Richards, I’ve pretty much thrown myself into everything “baby”. Why not, I won’t know unless I give it a go.

I’m really enjoying these baby resources so far, apps, magazines, books and people, so if you’re wondering which ones to give a go, I got you gal.

The magazines

So we’ve all read one article or another about how print media is dying, and yes, it’s not what it used to be, but I’ve loved having a few physical magazines to sit and read.

It forces me to actually put my phone down for once and just read. But, if you don’t have time to commit to a book, they’re great for dipping in and out of.

One of my faves has been Gurgle magazine, which is pretty new to the magazine shelves. I love it because the articles are really easy to read, and relatable. They have great tips from pregnancy through to motherhood, including loads of product reviews and introductions to new brands. It feels like I’m reading any other magazine that I would have done before pregnancy, and they’re 100% hitting the mark with their target market being “modern mums”.

I’m also really enjoying Mother and Baby magazine. Again, it’s relatable and incredibly useful. I’m learning so much from these monthly magazines.

Rather than keep these stacking up at home (I’m the opposite of a hoarder), I’ve been scrapbooking all of the useful tips so I can look back on them in the coming months and years.

They also have fab competitions that are well worth entering!

The books

I knew I’d love a “mum” book or two, and there were two that I definitely had my eye on.

I’ve always listened to the Happy Mum, Happy Baby podcast hosted by Giovanna Fletcher, even before thinking about babies, I loved hearing the stories from her guests.

So obviously, I was a bit overexcited when she released a new series just as I did actually qualify to listen lol. Sidenote, I literally cannot listen without crying either happy or sympathetic tears, and one of the episodes moved me so much, I wrote about it here.

The Happy Mum, Happy Baby book was as good as I had hoped it would be. Gi is clear that it isn’t a “tips” book, but I certainly took away a few pieces of advice and knowledge from her experience, that I knew nothing about before.

I’ve even suggested Ross gives it a read, as I’m keen for him to understand what it might be like for me and my emotions/body once the little one makes his appearance.

Ahh and then we have The Unmumsy Mum. This one is for you if you fancy lolling your way through the bits of motherhood that you probs knew absolutely nothing about.

I raced through the first book on holiday, and I’m nearing the end of the second one, The Unmumsy Mum Diary, which follows the journey into “owning” two toddlers, lol.

have to tell you that my fave bit of this book is when Sarah talks about one of her sons pushing the chocolate muffin she had treated him to across the table towards her and asking if she would like to “smell my muff”.

LOL, that line alone might encourage Ross to read these too.

The apps

It took me all of about 5 minutes after weeing on a stick to download my first pregnancy app, and I chose Pregnancy+, mainly because it is a UK based app.

I lived by the tracker in those first few weeks, which is particularly useful as you drive yourself crazy waiting for the 12 week scan.

It tells you what baby should be up to, offers advice on how to look after yourself, and of course most importantly lets you know whether baby is as big as an avocado or a melon. Or a chocolate cake. Or a hamster. Whatever you’re into.

I also downloaded OviaPregnancy, mainly because I love the guide to how big baby’s hands and feet are. The daily updates are also super quick and easy to read.

My favourite thing with both apps is when I tick over to another week and have a new weekly feature to read all about what baby’s up to.

The people

I know, I probably don’t need to point you in the direction of some of these little gems, but I’ve really enjoyed sharing the pregnancy chat through my Instagram and YouTube, and there are a few gals in particular who I look to for experience and advice.

I’ve followed Amy Farquhar, for around a year now and I’ve loved having a nosy at her pregnancy. It’s so nice to find someone online who is completely relatable, I feel like we would v much enjoy a hot chocolate and dog walk one day. She is going to be the best mumma, and I can’t wait to see how she get’s on with her baby boy!

No surprises here, we all love Hannah Gale, right? Not only do I enjoy seeing how her and little Atti get on now, I enjoyed having a good old root around in her pregnancy archives too!

Leah Higgins, and I have followed each other for a while now, and I love a little bit of baby chat with her. Rupert is getting SO BIG now! Not to mention that Leah is one of the most supportive mummas out there…

And of course, my little beaut, Alice Spake. So I am obvs very blessed that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Baby Spake, but Alice is a no bullshit, say it how it is kinda mum and I love her. She’s also a bloody good role model and all round good egg, so yeah, she’s one of my fave mummas to follow.

What are your faves?

I’m literally a pregnancy and baby sponge right now, so I would love to know what your fave baby resources are.

Come and join me on Instagram or Twitter and let me know!

And OMG one last time, 27 weeks pregnant….eeeek!!

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