5 Tips For Dressing Whilst Breastfeeding

Well hello, let me introduce you to my new fave outfit. This boilersuit was a rather generous gift from the lovely human beings at Lucy & Yak, but I’m quickly plotting how I can stretch statutory maternity pay to fill my entire wardrobe with more of their pieces, because I don’t think I’m ever going to take this off now, lol.

Whilst I was pregnant, I knew that I wanted to try breastfeeding, but I definitely wasn’t going to place any pressure on myself if it didn’t turn out to be right for me and Teddy. Happily though, we took to it like ducks to water, in fact he’s taken to it a bit too well lol…mumma would quite like a break if he would just take a bottle once in a while but that doesn’t seem to be happening any time soon!

I hadn’t quite considered what breastfeeding would mean for my wardrobe though, and so much of the clothing that is specifically designed for breastfeeding just does not float my boat.

So, I didn’t buy any of that, and am now constantly on the hunt for things that will contain massive milky boobs, and let me whip them out at any given moment. Oh the glamour.

  1. The vest top trick
    I’m sure you’ve heard this one, and it’s great…particularly for the colder months, not so much now that we’re finally getting a little bit of sun. Basically, stick a strappy vest top on underneath whichever normal tee you want to wear. The top tee comes up, the bottom vest goes down and hey presto, there’s your boob without too much skin on show.
  2. Buttons
    I guess this one is kind of obvious, but there are a few types I prefer, and that’s mainly big chunky buttons. I’ve found with smaller buttons you risk popping open or gaping, but big chunky buttons and sturdy fabric (like my fave boilersuit) seem to work the best. Don’t always be tempted into wrap dresses either, whilst you’ve got a similar concept as button up, if the fabric isn’t stretchy enough, you will end up only having access to one boob.
  3. Ditch the spaghetti straps
    This might just be personal preference, but if you’re breastfeeding, you’ve probably got a fairly chunky bra on so dainty strap tops can be a bit of a no no. I prefer a thicker strapped top to cover the bra strap, so you might too!
  4. A decent bra
    My absolute fave nursing bras are from Panache. They actually look like normal bras, and I don’t feel like I’ve got an ugly old sports bra on. So when I do have to flash a little bit of bra at the world, I’m not mad about it.
  5. Buy what you feel comfortable in
    If you love nursing tops, and feel comfortable with the privacy they offer, go for it. If you just don’t feel you in them, make your usual style work! Use a scarf to cover up (don’t bother with a nursing apron, they’re a faff and offer nothing that a flowy scarf can’t), go in for the boilersuit, dungarees or jumpsuit, or simply don’t give a F and flash what you need to when you need to, if the baby needs food, the baby needs food lol.

Breastfeeding or not…go and have a browse at Lucy & Yak, I bet you’ll soon be as obsessed as I am!

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