5 things you didn’t believe would be so difficult with a baby bump

baby bumpOk, I’ll put my hands up, I’m not the most sympathetic person in the world.

I’ve always been like it. I’m tough on myself, so I find it difficult to be sympathetic to others at times.

Feel myself coming down with a cold? I’ll tell myself to man up and get on with it. If I don’t act ill, I won’t feel ill. Lol.

Ross has kind of got used to it. Except he reminded me of it the other day. A conversation that ended up with me in the bathroom in tears, lol.

Pregnancy hormones and all that, I had a sudden panic that I’m a bit of a shit person. And oh god how am I going to look after, and show sympathy to my small human. Let’s hope motherhood changes me…


My point is, I didn’t really think I’d find life too difficult with a baby bump. I figured I’d just be able to crack on as normal. Phahahaha, how wrong was I.

I’m currently 31 weeks pregnant, which ermigaaad that bloody well equals 7 and a half months, and that little person is joining us in just a few short weeks.

So yep, that baby bump is really coming along now, and I often catch sight of myself in the mirror and wonder who on earth that person is looking back.

I used to have a little strop to myself when people used to moan about being pregnant. I was in a position where I didn’t know whether my future could include children, and I’d often thinkĀ “shut the F up and just be thankful you’re bloody pregnant”.

This list isn’t a moan. I’m incredibly grateful that I get to experience all of these things, but LOL…this baby bump has brought me struggles I just didn’t believe it would.

1. Putting my shoes on

Yep, that cliche of struggling to put your shoes on. It’s real boys and girls. Suddenly, there is a bowling ball in the way of you and your feet, and you can’t quite get your kicks on as quickly as you once could. The same goes for painting toenails, putting socks on…anything that involves getting anywhere near your own feet.

2. Getting dressed

Especially when you’re experiencing the hideous task that is getting dressed in the swimming pool changing rooms. They are bad enough as it is, without the struggle against your own centre of gravity, and the fact that you can’t quite reach everything like you once could.

3. Sleeping

I’ve managed to nail my bedtime routine during these last couple of weeks, and it seems like sleep is coming to me a little bit easier than it had done, but my oh my, it is a struggle to get comfy whilst sleeping.

“Left is best” I tell myself as I settle into another night on my left side, knowing full well that I can’t sleep in the same position all night, and I’ll soon be making the mammoth task of switching to my right side for a little bit of respite. My hips in the morning! I usually can’t wait to get out of bed these days…

Try sleeping with a pregnancy pillow you say? I tend to wake up even more regularly when I use mine…as I slowly tangle myself in it more and more through the night.

4. Getting up off the sofa

The bed, the floor, the list goes on…

It has become entirely necessary to use one of my legs as a lever up, swinging it with much more energy than I usually have lol, or giving Ross a full on workout as I ask for a lift up from wherever I am.

5. Housework

I know, should be a luxury, right? Except I don’t have a handy team of housekeepers to call on at a moments notice. I’ll go from bursts of energy where I’m desperate to clean every corner, to sitting amongst piles of “stuff” I haven’t had the energy to get up and put in the right place.

I love my baby bump.

I’m enjoying every second of feeling him wriggle around. Every new thing I get to experience whilst the little monster is plumping up in there.

I love annoying Ross with whatever it is I can’t do today because the baby bump is making me too heavy.

But LOL, isn’t it funny how all these cliche’s suddenly come true when you find yourself growing a small human.

Did you love having a bump, or were you desperate for your baby to arrive, and your body to go back to “normal?”

What did you find difficult about lugging your baby bump everywhere you went?

As always, I’dĀ love to know your stories! Come and share them on Instagram or Twitter!

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