Baby Checklist: The Top 5 Items We’ve Stocked Up On

Ermigaaaaad…I know I’ve said it already, but we’re having a baby next month! 

I’m a serial list maker, and I try to plan for absolutely everything in life, so as you can imagine, there had to be a baby checklist in the lead up to Baby R’s arrival. Lol.

So there was the obvious, pram, cot, car seat etc, but what are the basic essentials that we’ve stocked up on?


The obvious, right? But did you know that newborns will go through an average of 12 nappies per day.

That’s a lot of nappies!

I’m big on research, and much of my baby checklist was built using the Mother & Baby Awards, so the Aldi Mamia nappies (gold award winners!) were top of my list to stock up on.

They are literally stashed in every corner of our house, the nursery, the spare room, even the television cabinet in the living room, lol.

We’ve stocked up on the newborn size, and the next one up…as I’ve heard these baby things tend to grow quite quickly…

I’ll report back on how our nappy changing adventures go, but I’m sold on the fact that the Aldi Mamia range is dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic, soft and breathable, and provides an anti-leakage system.

Sounds good to me, now just to figure out how to stop my little boy weeing all over me…

Baby wipes

Next up, baby wipes.

Again, I challenge you to find a room in my house where I haven’t stashed the Aldi Mamia baby wipes.

Their standard baby wipes won gold in the Mother & Baby Awards, but I chose to go for the sensitive wipes, just in case.

Honestly, you cannot beat the price point on the Mamia nappies and wipes, so it’s a no brainer!

Cotton wool

Well, this one was a new one to me…I had literally never heard the term “topping and tailing” until a mere few weeks ago.

I’m certainly no expert, but if like me, this all news to you, it’s basically the process of using warm water and cotton wool to give baby a little wash in between baths.

Newborns don’t need regular baths, so this is plenty enough cleaning (unless there’s been a huge poo explosion, I guess).

So, a top and tail bowl was quickly added to the baby checklist.

It’s basically a super cheapy plastic bowl with separate sections for clean water and used cotton wool.

Nipple cream

Oh the glamorous turn that my life is about to take.

I’m hoping to be able to breastfeed, so I’ve also stocked up on a few tubes of nipple cream, in anticipation of a little soreness to start with.

I think I’m preparing myself for the worst when it comes to breastfeeding, and I want products on hand if I need them.

I can’t deal with having to wait whilst I send Ross out on a hunt to find the one I want in my hour of need.


Anyone who has had a baby has told me I need muslins on our baby checklist.

Basically, the do all piece of fabric that no parent is without.

Burp cloth on the shoulder to catch baby sick? Somewhere to lay baby when you’re out and about? Sunshade? Modesty cover up during breastfeeding?

You name it, the muslin is there to save the day.

We’ve got the really big ones, and I’m hoping they will come in as useful as I’ve been told!

What’s on your baby checklist?

Go on, there’s bound to be something…come and find me on Instagram or Twitter to chat more about your baby checklist…

A HUGE thank you to Aldi for sending me off on a shopping spree to stock up on Aldi Mami products!

I’ve written LOADS of pregnancy and baby related content since we found out about this little arrival! Click here for more…

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