Why We Chose To Go On A “Babymoon”

I forever live in fear of judgement.

Don’t ask me why, I just do. I let it follow me around like a cloud of rainy judginess.

I don’t know if it’s because of my own panic around money, and whether we have enough of it to do some of the things we do, or if I just care too much about what other people think.

When I booked our holiday, the worry began…would people think I’m spending our money wrecklessly, when I have a list as long as my arm of baby things that we need? Can we really afford it?

Will I be “mum-shamed” by others who think that flying during pregnancy is careless?

Oh it’s bloody endless if I let myself get into it.

Anyway, at the risk of playing to my enemies, and justifying myself to the moon and back, here’s why we have decided to book a “babymoon”.

Because growing a human is hard work

For me and Ross. We both have a lot going round in our heads, and a lot hitting our calendars in the coming months. And we just kinda need a break before life goes crazy.

We know that life is going to change. We don’t know when our next holiday will be, so we think it’s time to make the most of a little bit of quiet.

Because we value “us” time

Before we know it, there is going to be a tiny, noisy, reliant little monster calling upon us at every moment of the day. And if he isn’t demanding our attention, I’m pretty sure we’ll spend most of our time talking about him, looking at him in amazement, and generally putting him before anything else.

But guess what, Ross and I love each other a lot. And we enjoy each others company.

I don’t want to forget any of that, and I honestly hope that we get back to a place where we do have time for each other soon enough. For now? Let’s make the most of it and enjoy being a couple and doing all the things we love.

Because we have a lot to talk about

Ok so yep we want “us” time that isn’t necessarily baby related, but we also want time to sit and talk about all the baby things we might not have had time for so far.

Trying out names, talking about the birth plan, what we want to do in those first few days the little one comes home.

Instead of rushing a conversation over scampi & chips at home, it will be nice to sit around having long conversations in the sunshine.

Because sometimes you just need to have a “screw it” moment

I’ll be honest, works a bit rubbish right now. It’s time to get my head out of it for 2 whole weeks, cancel the 6am alarm, and mooch about with no makeup on my face or proper clothes lol.

I can’t wait to wake up whenever my body decides to (lol, probs earlier than my actual alarm time), and laze around being comfortable for a week without anyone nagging me about minor issues at work.

So “screw it”, that’s why we decided to enjoy a little babymoon before baby boy Richards makes an appearance…

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