Best Friends – What Does That Mean To You?

Best Friends – What Does That Mean To You?

I’ve chatted about friendships from time to time, pondering whether it’s ok to leave friends behind, or whether anyone really likes me. They do, I know they do, my brain just likes to tell me otherwise every so often. As kids, being best friends pretty much meant living in each others pockets and wearing one of those split in two heart necklaces. As we get older though, things seem to get a little more complicated.

I have some absolute GEMS in my life, but they don’t quite fit into a neat little pocket of heading out for cocktails every Saturday night, or baking cookies on a Sunday afternoon. I mean for a start, I can’t bloody bake. If you’re feeling a little bit lost, maybe this will help you realise who your best friends are.

On your doorstep at the drop of a Whatsapp

Ok, so if I really needed any of my besties, any of them would probably be sitting on my sofa within a few hours. First up though, are the ones who are here each and every day. These best friends don’t need big occasions to pull us together. We don’t need to ask a ton of questions about what each other have been up to lately, because we already know.  They are the friends that I can ask for a blow up bed when I have 3 million people staying in my house over Christmas. The ones who will treat my dog like their own because they’ve known him since a pup. It’s not exciting to spend time together, because it’s completely normal to be together. They’re my comfort blanket.

The sister from another mister

Maybe you went to school with these girls, maybe it was college. For me, it’s my University family. We lived in each others pockets for 3 years, although it felt like a lifetime. They have seen me at my worst, my best, and everything in between. We live hours from each other though, so whilst they are always at the end of a whatsapp message, we don’t see each other on the regular. I’ve never been someone to spend hours on the phone, and I might even forget to reply to your text on the same day. With these girls none of that matters though. Every catch up feels the same as the last. It’s loud, always v loud, and v excitable.

The work wife

This actually doesn’t happen to me v often, but sometimes you meet someone at work who you couldn’t imagine life without. Making friends as an adult? I know! You often don’t even realise how close you’ve become. Taking it for granted because they are there everyday by default. But when they’re the right person, they know EVERYTHING about you. They give advice on which outfit you should wear at the weekend. Whether that bloke is the right one. Or simply just what to eat for dinner tonight.

Friendships can be complicated. More complicated than romantic relationships sometimes. Best friends can be whatever you want them to be though. Never compare yourself to other people, or those that you see online.

You shouldn’t have to see your best friends everyday to know that they are there. It shouldn’t matter whether it’s been six minutes, six days or six weeks. And it’s never too late to find a new one. Chat to someone new at work. Ask a uni friend out for cocktails. Send your fave online friend some love and spark a conversation.

Best friends

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