Blog Ideas: What Makes You Click On A Post?

Blog Ideas

I bloody love the blogging community. I’ve always loved reading blogs and following bloggers. Discovering amazingly talented people and their awesome blog ideas. The amount of times I have come across someone “new”, only to discover they have been putting out top notch content for years. Not to mention a ton of witty tweets and a beaut Insta grid.

Aside from the burning need for a creative outlet and a place to blurt out thoughts from the hidden corners of my brains, when I started my blog I was SO keen to join the community. I love the interaction on Twitter and Instagram. The love that so regularly gets shared, and a chance to have a good old chin wag with like minded chatterboxes.

But of course, when you create something you love, you want other people to love it too. You want people to click on that link you spent so long perfecting for Twitter. So when I was pondering blog ideas the other day, I thought, what makes me click on a post? There is SO much content out there that you can’t possibly consume it all. So what really stands out from the crowd and inspires your followers?

Blog ideas that hook me in every time

Blogging Advice

When I started my blog, I did minimal planning. I just wanted to stop putting it off and get going. We’ll, I’m still going strong and loving every moment, so I’ve decided to take things a little more serious. I’ve set up a blogging schedule to keep to, along with a checklist of everything I need to do before a post goes live.

Then, I decided I wanted to learn more about networking and SEO. Enter More About Cat , Jasmine Charlotte and Kirsty Leanne. With the help of these lovely ladies, I’ve started to understand the basics of SEO, and a whole host of tips around networking. With titles such as “Five Blogger SEO Basics To Improve Your Blog“, “Sort Your SEO 5 Day Email Challenge” and “How To Use LinkedIn For Collaborations As A Blogger“, I am hooked. Other blog ideas that get me every time on this topic include photography tips, what others have learnt with experience, and social media advice.

Things to do

My favourite kind of travel guides are the quick and punchy “48 hour’s in …” type. I like travel guides that are fairly image heavy, giving me a taste for the destination. Throw an insta worthy hotel and a quirky restaurant or two and I’ll have added it to my bucket list quicker than I can fill my ASOS basket. Sophie Cliff does this really well, with really relatable advice on how to spend the weekend in Edinburgh, Spain or the Lake District. Soz guys, I haven’t got the budget to lounge around in the best hotel in NYC, so I love a guide that represents a budget I can actually go for.

It’s not just far flung travel that gets me though. I have planned so many days out or dinners based on online recommendations. Excuse me whilst I get out from under a rock, but I had no idea that there were so many amazing bloggers on my own doorstep. A fact that the lovely Alice Spake introduced me to. Alice has a TONNE of amazing content, but as an example, I’ve booked two dinners at Miller & Carter on the back of being drawn into one of her blog posts.

So, chuck a 48 hour guide or a restaurant opening my way, and I’mma click on that post.

“How To” Interior Posts

It’s no secret that I love an interior post. Many of my own blog ideas feature my home, and my Insta feed is jam packed full of amazing interior accounts. The blog ideas that get me here though are the really relatable “how to” posts. Victoria is the QUEEN of this. Her blog, Apartment Number 4, offers everything from aspirational home tours, to realistic “how to” posts. Victoria knows that we all have a budget, and focuses on topics such as “How to add style to a rental bathroom” and “How to save money buying furniture and homeware“. This is the type of thing that get’s me going. I can look at the homes featured and relate to them as a really normal home, and find ideas that will work in my home too. I don’t have a grand entrance, or a kitchen with an island as big as the Isle of Wight, so when I browse ideas I really want to be able to relate. Blog ideas like “How to Create a Cosy Entrance”, or “5 Tips for Decorating a Small Kitchen” would be my kinda jam.

Thought Provoking

Now this is what REALLY gets me. I like to blog about the odd deep and meaningful topic, and I LOVE connecting with other bloggers who really lay their thoughts and opinions bare for others to discuss. Pondering your friendships, life goals or confidently discussing a controversial view? You bet I am going to click that link. These are the posts that spark a conversation. They are the posts that make me want to retweet and share. The ones that I will actually talk about to my friends.

I am a sucker for beaut blog photography too, and I feel like these kind of posts are ace for housing this. Sticking a fashion post on top of a discussion about what to say to your friend with cancer? Go for it. Wanna see my gallery wall whilst I talk about leaving people the hell alone unless you are actually invested in them? A match made in heaven lol.

My ultimate QUEEN for this type of post is Vix Meldrew , from talking about blogging turning you into a prick, to laying it bare about the loss of her Mum, Vix is honest, relatable and true to herself. A diamond whose posts I never miss. Another of my top ladies for this is Bee. She pairs beautiful, and I mean BEAUTIFUL, imagery with through provoking blog ideas excellently. With a title like “The Importance of Letting Shit Go“, I am not going to pass on clicking that link. I can’t forget Chloe Plumstead too. On point fashion advice paired with topics like pulling yourself our of a creative funk, I’mma click every time.

Motivational & Relatable

I have had some real lightbulb moments whilst reading blogs. When it comes to being a sassy career woman, I love to read posts that make me sit back and look at where I am really going. What do I love doing? How can I make my dreams a reality? It really is as simple as reading a really great motivational post sometimes to give me a bit of extra drive. Blog ideas such as “5 Insansely Successful Women Reveal What They Wish They’d Known At The Start If Their Careers” from Ella at Coco’s Tea Party give me such a boost. So throw me a title like “5 tips to…” or “How To Achieve Your Goals” and I’ll be diving in head first.

I don’t think there’s many more relatable in the blogging world than Hannah Gale. The queen of lists, Hannah throws out pure gold that literally has me nodding along the whole time. Would you read the post you’re writing? Would you share the post you’re writing? If it’s a yes, then it’s probably going to be a winner.

Basically, leave an impact…

If a blog post doesn’t leave a lasting impact on me in some way shape or form, I will soon forget that blogger. If you’re going to blog about the same mascara 30 other bloggers have already thrown my way, there is a good chance I won’t click on your blog post. The best blog posts are those that I can’t wait to click on. The ones that I can’t wait to share. When I can’t wait to answer whatever the call to action is. A post that allows me to fill my blogging to do list, gives me the travel bug, or achievable home inspo? I’m there. Something that stirs a reaction or inspires me? I can’t get enough.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I do just want to see where on earth you got that banging pair of shoes from. Sometimes, I just want to know what you were up to in Autumn. More often that not though, life is so busy, and there is so much choice out there that I will v often edit down my clicks to the posts that will leave an impact. Got a sponsored post? I am the biggest cheerleader of this, and I want you to absolutely smash it…but do it cleverly. I love creative writing, tying in something in with a topic you truly feel passionate about and want to shout about from the rooftops. The formula for my blog ideas? Would I click on it? Does it look great? Does it leave an impact?

Now go and check out all the amazing bloggers featured in this post!

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