Blogger Thank You’s: Keeping Up & Creating Idols

You’ve just posted a photo on Instagram, and a few notifications are starting to pop in. You keep up with each one, liking and commenting as they appear. You tweet something witty and your followers start to lol with you, retweeting and liking. You’re a blogger with a new post out and the comments trickle in. It’s manageable, it’s fun. And then, imagine your social blows up way beyond anything you even knew possible, and ten’s of thousands of people are watching your every move and hanging on every word. How on earth do you keep up with that?

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how does your fave blogger do it?

Isn’t it amazing when someone you love responds to your tweet, or comment? That little “squeeee” that you let out when the notification pops up and you think, “what are they doing popping up on my phone?!”

I want to say thank you to anyone with a huge following, who has ever taken the time to reply to something I have wittered on about. Thank you on behalf of everyone who has ever found themselves in that situation above.

I honestly don’t know how you do it. With ten’s, maybe hundred’s of thousands of followers, you manage to find the time to respond. Not only respond, but so often spend time sending something really meaningful. It’s lovely.

does your fave blogger owe you a response?

No, they don’t. Sorry. Bloggers are bloggers because they enjoy writing. Or they love photography. Whatever their area of expertise, that is why they started a blog. I’m betting that your fave blogger probably started out way before they could even comprehend the masses following them, let alone this becoming a paid career.

I’d thought about writing this blog post for a little while. I often see people tweeting about huge bloggers thinking they’re too special to reply. And then the little love bug that is Hannah Gale tweeted this,

“I always see these tweets like ‘bloggers think they’re too good to reply to messages’ and I wish I could reply to everyone but it’s like I read it and then the baby is crying and the cats are fighting and the doorbell goes and then somehow a week has passed”

Mate, Hannah’s blog crashed every time she uploaded post baby. That’s a lot of people. You’re just a little fish in a big old lazy river when it comes to a huge bloggers coming across your comment. They would love to reply, of course they would. Of course they understand that engagement is what makes their career. But at the same time, that career is bloody busy. On top of their actual lives.

Social media can be all consuming. I know when I have had a busy day of engagement online, I love it but I feel a bit drained when I have spent far too many hours glued to my phone, trying to keep up with it all. Imagine that 100’s of times over.

Keep supporting them and raising them up, I bet you they see it, and every so often they’ll show you the love.

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creating idols

We create idols out of everyday people these days. Out of people who are so much more accessible to us than The Spice Girls were back in the 90’s. More than the Backstreet Boys were, or Britney Spears when she was asking us to hit her one more time.

It’s fab, because we aspire to people who offer us an achievable dream. Whether they’ve given us an insight into Primark’s latest offering, or designer handbags are your thing and they just got the latest Chloe.

But with creating an idol comes pressure. I don’t have the biggest following, but I’ve got a teeny peek into that world as the numbers start creeping up. People associate you with a certain look and feel, the brand that you have created for yourself, and you feel obliged to maintain that. Whether it’s your style, your work, or even your Instagram vibes.

As soon as people start caring what you are up to, you start to check yourself so much more. Am I who they want me to be? Will I live up to expectations? So keep building these epic guys and gals up, but give them a little slack to be who they want to be.

Have you ever felt a little bit put out that your fave blogger hasn’t responded? Or who do you find responds without fail? They deserve some love!

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