What’s The Deal With Blogging These Days?

In a world where we think there could be up to 152 million blogs, you could say that this is a little bit of a crowded industry.

152 million bloggers fighting to get their opinions heard. Chasing the big opportunities that we’ve seen so many people achieve. Wondering if it will allow them to ditch the day job and rake in an income all off their own back.

When you put it like that, why do we even bother? Can we even wriggle into the elusive “blogger community” that it all started out with? It’s all changed so much, right?

Well, I started my blog because I had a billion ideas bursting out of my brain that I just wanted to talk about. 

List upon list of deep and meaningful chats and ideas that I needed to get written down, to share with other people and see whether anyone could relate.

That’s what I love(d) about my blog. That’s what I’d still love to pour into my blog. But realistically, how many deep thoughts can I really have to share with you all? Definitely not enough to churn out a weekly story. I feel like I’ve given you all that I had stored up in my brain.

Those type of blog posts need to be free flowing, written with a desperation to get it out and into the world. It’s just not the same if you sit staring at the screen for hours willing an idea to come. You just got to wait for that kinda shit to come to you.

That’s where I’d found myself. I knew that’s the content I loved writing, and that others loved reading, but it just wasn’t coming to me. Probs not helped by the small human simultaneously draining all of my creativity and energy, lol.

So, what else do I love? Interiors. And Planning. I know that I am a bloody pro at planning pretty much anything you could throw my way. Holiday? Party? How to get ready for a baby in 6 months time?

OK, so we’re not quite sure how much of a pro I’ll be at that last one just yet. But those are things I love to talk about, and I do, I’ve blogged a stack of tips and ideas that I thought a few of you might love. And  that’s how Life, Made Simple was born.

But these are the sort of things that require constant activity and research. Inspiration for interiors (for which I’m no pro, and there are so many other bloggers that I would recommend you head over to, ahem, Victoria.), life experiences and travel opportunities for planning. Sadly, with a full time job that chains me to a desk for hours, and an average wage, it’s not always possible.

With all of this on top of me, I got a bit down about my blog. I loved it, and I wanted to pour so much more in, but I’d put a pressure on myself to curate a certain type of content for my blog and stick to this and only this.

I do think you need to have somewhat of a niche to keep anyone interested in your blog. Certain themes that entice people back again and again. But what if that thing is just kind of you?

Woah hello, I am not that self centred, and I know you have better things to do with your lives than invest yourselves in little old me. But what I mean is, we love being nosy, right? We love sharing other peoples stories, and following their lives.

What if that is enough? Well, for you to love it as the writer, it has to be enough for you, at least.

That’s when I decided to give myself a break. My content will always be fairly similar, because that’s what I’m into.

I’m into planning, interiors and sharing my innermost thoughts in case it helps anyone else. Or in case it might just help me. But what drives my blog is the freedom I have with it.

I seemed to have forgotten that this is my blog. I can do whatever the hell I want with it. Talk about whatever tickles my pickle. And change it whenever I bloody well want to. As long as I love it, that’s what it’s all about.

So yeah, my life is changing. I’m having a baby, and do you know what, that’s what I want to talk about. I’ll share anything I feel like sharing, whether that’s baby updates, or simply what I’ve been up to lately. And whilst I hope that someone enjoys it, I know I will.

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