How To Use Books As Art Around Your Home

As a kid, my bedroom was filled with books. I remember rows of bookcases jam packed with my latest reads. I’m a little bit more simplistic these days, but I am a sucker for using books as accessories around my home. I love a stack of aesthetically pleasing books placed in the living room, the bedroom, or even the kitchen. From storing hundreds of books (and making it look great) to styling a gallery wall of books, I love these book storage solutions.

1. A gallery wall

book storage

I love love love this idea. These picture shelves are a bargain from IKEA, and when you love a pretty book or two, this is a fab idea. I also love the idea of placing these at different levels so that you could really create a gallery wall effect.

2. Magazine shelves

A little bit more organised than the gallery wall style, I love this scandi style storage.

3. A whole wall of book storage

book storage

In principle, this idea terrifies me, but when it is done well in the right setting it looks amazing! I love it when the books are styled next to different ornaments and plants.

4. Stacks of books

book storage

This is in my own bedroom! I love placing little stacks of books around my home. We have them in the living room, the bedroom, and the kitchen. My tip is around 3 books, accompanied by candles and plants.

I also love one or two books placed onto a coffee table, or stacked into TV stand shelving. I have another blog post up my sleeve for TV stand styling, I just need to get my own organised!

Do you have any tips for styling books around your home?

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 – my own!

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book storage

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