5 Fun Things To Do In The UK This Summer

Have you started planning your summer yet? Dreaming about holidays and BBQs in the garden…ahh I hope we have a beautiful British summer!

I am definitely thinking about how I’m going to fill those summer evenings and squeeze the most out of my annual leave and weekends…here’s a few things I want to do this summer.

1. Camping

I LOVE a British summer camping trip. I know, it’s a bit marmite isn’t it, we either love it or hate it, but I love it. Getting my friends together with no TV, very little mobile phone use or 4G, and just sitting round the BBQ chatting for hours. Yes, we need to put up with the showers, and yes the birds often wake me up at the crack of dawn, but for a couple of nights maximum, it’s the best.

2. Creating a little garden haven

OK, so I know this is a bit mean if you live in a flat, but I am so excited to get my garden sorted again! Having a little space where you can eat al fresco, have friends over, or just read a book in the shade is what the British summer is all about

3. Spontaneous pub garden dinners

I’m all about ditching whatever is in the freezer in favour of a pub garden. Aren’t they just the best place when we’re having an amazing British summer? Extra house points if I can take my pooch too!

4. Heading to the water

Whether it is the seaside, a lake, or a stroll along a canal, I love that the simple things are so much fun in summer! Obvs we all know how lovely it is to be by the sea, but I love a walk along the canal. There are always pubs to stop at, plenty of people watching to do and generally a fun, summery vibe

5. Visit a new place

Everywhere looks better in the sunshine, so it’s the best time to discover new parts of the UK. I’m desperate to see corners of the Cornish countryside that I’ve never seen before, and cities I’ve barely been far north enough to see yet. I must get planning!

Have I inspired you? What are you excited about for summer in the UK?

British summer

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