Christmas Budgeting

Christmas Budgeting

Woah woah woah, this girl has finished her Christmas shopping! Can you bloody believe it, next thing you know I’ll have started baking my own mince pies. Hmm mayb’s not, I’m pretty damn hooked on the old Aldi ones. But, with the big C-day creeping up on us faster than Rudolf at full speed, I wanted to get super organised this year. Why, you ask? I’ve only gone and bloody offered to host Christmas Day at mine this year. Yup the whole turkey shebang. Let’s be honest though, I’m still p sure my sister will take over with her mad skills when it comes to cooking for a family, whilst I cry in the corner about how much of a mess my house is, lol.

Anywho, this year I started my Christmas shopping around mid-November and it actually came together a lot easier than expected. As you will know from this post here, I am big on budgeting, so that’s where my Christmas planning started. I set out how much I can afford to spend in total, and how that looks for each person I need to buy for. This year, Ross and I even set a budget for each other, dun dun duuuun! Let’s see if he keeps his side of the deal… lol he is a horrible overspender/spoiler when it comes to Christmas! Soooo, here are my tips (and ambitions!) for Christmas budgeting and gift shopping:

  1. Shop around
    I know this sounds SO obvious, but when I find that PS4 game my husband wants, or that Pop Vinyl that my niece wants (sorry, what? No I don’t know what they are either), I will 100% check the price of it across several shops. Chuck it into Google and see what it spits out, the other day I found a tripod Ross wanted for over £10 cheaper, and from a high street retailer so nowt dodgy or second hand.
  2. Make your shopping work harder
    Around the time of my wedding, when the spending never seemed to stop and I constantly racked up the ASOS orders on things like Groomsmen’s shoes and belts, I discovered Quidco. I am blimmin obsessed I tell you! It’s a cashback site that offers money back on all purchases via their website, and they boast a huge range of retailers. This tip actually works all year round, and I get my biggest boosts from home and car insurance. In total I have earned over £400 with Quidco, and £70 of that was available to me just as I was doing my Christmas shopping, cha ching! Cashback varies, some purchases earn 10p, others earn £60 in one go, but in my books it all counts. I have literally done all of my Christmas shopping via Quidco, and I will look forward to the little bonuses popping up when they track in the new year. I think they also now have a way of linking your bank card to pick up on in store purchases!
  3. Be creative
    Now I know you’re not all artists and crafty little bee’s, but sometimes a homemade gift can be the perfect one. Something as simple as a framed photo for some of your loved ones can be the perfect gift. Lol, this works a treat if you’re recently married, families love a wedding photo!
  4. Buy gifts all year round
    I know, I know, easier said than done, and this is actually one I am putting down to encourage myself to do it next year! I always have this dream where I’m like yeah if I see something someone would love I’mma buy it then and there. Christmas presents in June, yaaas! August? I’m on it! Spreading the cost and pressure of Christmas. In reality, nope never done it, but shall we all agree it might happen in 2018?
  5. Secret Santa
    Another one I am just going to leave here and think about doing next year… those of you with big families might be able to relate! Ultimately, the more people you have to buy presents for, the less you can spend on them. Now, presents aren’t all about how much you have spent, but sometimes I would actually really like to spend more money on one special gift for someone. That’s why a budgeted secret santa could be a great idea. I could literally spend half the amount I spend in total on Christmas presents, and get one person something they would really love.

I would love it if you shared your tips and ideas for the future!

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