Christmas Eve Traditions: Ultimate Cosiness!

Christmas Eve Traditions

It’s Christmas Eve Eve Eve! This where the magic really starts, a day of baking and prep for the big old C Day. Preferably filled with cheesy Christmas music and mince pies! I remember when I started seeing Ross and discovering that he went out on Christmas Eve…that was literally the strangest thing to me! I’d never heard of anyone doing it and I’m all about the cosy family time on 24 Dec. Here are my favourite Christmas Eve traditions, and a few tips if you haven’t reached ultimate Christmas Eve cosiness yet!

  1. Get, ready, set, BAAAKE!

    Ok ok, so I am no Mary Berry and I ain’t about to start knocking out the Christmas bakes, but I am rather handy with the ready rolled pastry sheets. Christmas Day ain’t Christmas Day without a cheeky little warm sausage roll to keep you going halfway through the Great British Present Opening Session, so it has long been one of my Christmas Eve traditions to knock up a few sausage rolls and maybe even some nawwwty mince pies.

  2. Christmas PJ’s

    Do you know what’s better than Christmas PJ’s? Matching family Christmas PJ’s! Go on…

  3. Hot Chocolate

    I mean I don’t want to toot my own trumpet here, but I make a pretty mean Hot Chocolate. I’m talking milk on the hob (none of this hot water nonsense) a mountain of hot chocolate powder (not particularly fussy here…as long as it ain’t dark), and a touch of Horlicks. Yep, Horlicks. Trust me, add a spoonful of that malty goodness and you will never look back. If you’re feeling really indulgent, I would also recommend the Hotel Chocolat Salted Caramel & Clementine hot chocolate, it’s divine!

  4. Elf

    It might as well not be Christmas if you don’t watch Elf. The perfect mix of festive fuzziness and lols, this is my go to Christmas movie.

  5. A cheeky little present

    This isn’t something I was EVER allowed to do as a child, but Ross get’s so excited to give gifts, that he has managed to talk me into it in the last few years. So maybe, just maybe we will do a mini gift exchange again this year and make it one of our Christmas Eve traditions. Either way, I also love the whole Christmas Eve box idea, basically wrapping up the last three tips, new PJs, hot choc, and a Christmas movie.

I hope everyone has a Christmas full of “fulls” – bellies, love and lols. What are you fave Christmas Eve traditions?

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