Declutter Your Home, Declutter Your Mind

Declutter Your Home, Declutter Your Mind

In a world full of distractions, do you always find yourself putting off those little jobs around the home? Sorting out that box under the bed? Clearing out your wardrobe? Organising your kitchen cupboards? All of those little jobs that we find clouding up our minds until it all becomes a bit too much. When you feel like your to do list is about as long as the Southend pier, but you’re not even quite sure what your priorities are? Well hello, that me. I’ve written about my fuzzy brain before, and shared my tips for how to plan your life, and today I am going to delve into the concept of “declutter your home, declutter your mind”.

So you have all seen photos of my home looking bloody fantastic all over insta and my blog. But, do you all really think I don’t have cupboards that resemble Monica Gellers? Drawers that jam everytime I try to open them, because the goddam spatula got in the way again? Coz gal, I got them, and I got plenty. Time and time again I have rearranged my kitchen cupboards, cleared out the drawers underneath my television, and jushed (is that a word you can write down? Joooshed?) up my wardrobe. And months later I’m there once again wondering how the hell we got into this mess again.

Well, today marks a change. We are going to do this together guys and gals. It’s operation declutter your home! I feel a million per cent better once I have taken those old clothes down to the charity shop, or emptied the bottles into the recycling down the road, and I am on a mission to maintain that feel good feeling on the regs. Here’s the advice I am putting out into the universe to follow myself, and get myself sorted! Feel free to nag me on social, and make sure I am keeping on top of mission declutter…

Get rid of things I haven’t used in the last 6 months

Well, realistically of course…I mean, I’m not about to bin my Christmas tree am I. On the whole though, if I seriously haven’t touched something or found it useful in the last 6 months, why am I holding onto it? I’m looking at you cheese fondue set at the back of the cupboard. And you, you mouldy old smoothie maker.

These are the type of things that just fill up space that could be better utilised. Space that could make my life so much easier!

Shhh, don’t bring up my loft, that is a whole other ball game!

Stop shoving things into hidden spots and forgetting about them

I guess this goes hand in hand with the above, but I’m more thinking about that skirt I am never going to wear again. The one that is silently camping out in a box underneath my bed. Just in case. Except it’s been just in case for the last three years. Space is at a premium in my bedroom and if my plan to sneak a king size snoozer in comes off, we really need to maximise the space we have.

I want to make an effort to consider things then and there. Do I really need to keep hold of it? Or, is it going to become just like that handy cheese fondue? You’re trying to declutter your home, not sneak another slogan tee into a hidden spot under the bed.

Organising cupboards and drawers

And I mean really organising them. Not just tidying it all, putting that spatula back in a little bit flatter, and hoping for the best. I’m talking a whole rejig of the space. Utilising Tupperware and storage solutions to maximise space. I have pinned SO many ideas to declutter your home and organise spaces, it’s about time I got round to putting them into play.

I can’t even tell you how excited I am to finally get hold of that label maker I have promised myself for months and get labelling my v own larder cupboard. Oh god. As I tailed off towards the end of that sentence, I suddenly wondered how I had become 300 years old.

Creating open storage spaces

A risky one, hey? This year, I am going to remove the top cupboards in my kitchen in favour of open shelving. I also have my eye on a cheeky little TV stand from West Elm. All of which will put my wares on display and force me to keep it tidy.

I have got so many beaut open storage solutions in mind, I’m so excited to have a little change up. Could this little idea encourage you to keep your cupboards organised and everything its place?

Putting things away

Lol, well that’s bloody easy, right? Don’t tell me you haven’t created one of those dreaded piles of “stuff to go upstairs”. Those piles that slowly take over your entire dining table and take about 5 months to make it upstairs. Ok slight exaggeration, I couldn’t last 5 months of mess.

I tweeted whilst in the middle of a cleaning rage the other day that tidying is just the endless mundane task of moving things out of rooms they don’t belong in, and putting them in rooms they do belong in. Well, if I never bloody moved them in the first place, or put them straight back, I’d never even create a “pile of stuff for the bedroom”. Here’s a little secret, if you don’t start clutter in the first place, you won’t ever have to declutter your home again.

I am prone to feeling very unsettled when my home is unorganised. When I actually take my own advice and do a few of these things, I instantly feel more comfortable and relaxed in my own home. My mind literally feels less cluttered, and I am all over them feels.

How do you declutter your home and your mind?

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