DIY Bathroom Shelves (The Project That Kept Failing!)

I started decorating our downstairs bathroom in 2016. Oh hi, hello it’s 2018 and I’ve just about finished. This was the project that just kept going wrong. The skirting boards peeled and beaded. Then, I burnt said skirting boards with a paint stripper. I got paint all over the floor. I ripped a load of holes into the wall trying to put shelves up. Oh, and of course, I damaged the paintwork I’d done months ago. Basically, I just kept giving up. The bit I loved though? My DIY bathroom shelves.

diy bathroom shelves

Creating a space that I love

When I was a child, the downstairs toilet was always “the boys toilet”, lol. It was cold, there was spiders, it was just no, not for me. I always tend to find that the downstairs bathroom gets forgotten. They’re often small, awkward and dark spaces, and I wanted to give mine a little bit of love. Not only do we use it a lot, it’s the bathroom that guests use, so I wanted to make it a lovely space.

Bold colours

I wanted to experiment with colour, and I really wanted to go dark on the skirting boards. This was a tactical move too, because the room has no windows, so white woodwork goes really yellow! This was where everything started to go wrong. Turns out, gloss paint needs a lot of prep (sanding, primer etc), and I don’t think I was quite skilled enough for it. In hindsight, I wish I had used eggshell. I saw The Frugality use eggshell paint in a similar colour and I was so bloody jel when I saw how easy it looked in her Insta stories! But, I do love how the colour turned out in the end.

diy bathroom shelves

diy bathroom shelves

I had pinned about a billion ideas on Pinterest for bathroom shelving. We have this perfect recessed area behind the toilet that was made for decorative shelving. If you’ve seen the blog post on my kitchen, you will know that we made our own dining table, so inspired by this we created these shelves using offcuts from the table. We picked up the wood from Wickes, cut it to size and sanded it until smooth. I then treated the wood with this Rust-oleum Furniture Finishing Wax in Dark.

I ordered these brackets from Ebay, and I love the character that they add.

Putting them up is where it all went a bit wrong…there were holes in the wall where there shouldn’t have been, I had to fill holes, repaint holes. Ugh, I was at the end of my tether!diy bathroom shelves

Adding the final details

It’s actually ridiculous how much these little details make me love this space. A little bit of greenery, wedding memories and candles, and I’m happy. I’m also so pleased we did DIY bathroom shelves instead of buying something, it makes me love it so much more! There is still a few bits I would like to add in, I definitely think the space to the right of the shelves needs a hanging plant!

I would also definitely recommend placing a nice hand soap in the downstairs bathroom, it reminds me to keep my mitts moisturised and I think it’s a nice touch for guests.

diy bathroom shelves

diy bathroom shelvesdiy bathroom shelvesdiy bathroom shelvesHave you had any nightmare DIY projects that made you want to throw the towel in? Please tell me I’m not alone!

diy bathroom shelves

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