Homemade Advent Calendar

Homemade Advent Calendar

It’s nearly chocolate for breakfast month!! Woooooo! One of my fave memories as a kid was my homemade advent calendar. Yup, my Mum made a felt Christmas tree advent calendar when my brother and sister were little, and I was still digging into the little multi-coloured pockets years later. The excitement of those little parcels was too much! Mum can’t have spent more than a quid or so on each little gift, but I blimmin’ loved it. When I was teeny tiny, it would have been toys, and as I got a bit older, hair accessories and lipgloss. Ermmm hello, did my family discover the beauty advent calendar before it was even a thing?! Also, Mum…when did we stop this tradition? V sure it should still be a thing…

For the last couple of years I have been making my own advent calendars. Not quite of the exciting mini-gift variety, very much my fave chocolates (hit me up, Lindt balls), but I love finding ways to style our advent calendar. A couple of years ago it was paper bags arranged into a Christmas tree and washi-paper taped up to the tiled wall, last year I pegged them to the kitchen shelving…and this year a Scandi inspired twig creation.

I picked up these little paper bags and the number stickers from The Range, p. much my go to for affordable crafty bits. I then went and raided Tesco for their yummiest individually wrapped chocolates and we are advent ready! The stick? Found it on a dog walk, and gave it a little bit of a dusting with white spray paint.

Oh and yep my dog did argue with me the whole way home from his walk because I was carrying a stick and he wanted it…

Pinterest is my absolute go to for seasonal inspo, and there are so many fab advent ideas over there. What is an advent calendar to you? Is it chocolate, beauty or candles?! I would love to see your creations.


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