How I created open shelving in our kitchen for £100

How I created open shelving in our kitchen for £100

GUYS! The open shelving in our kitchen is finally finished!! 

I feel like I’ve been talking about this mini-project for the longest time in my weekly vlogs, and I’m so blimmin’ excited to finally share it with you.

First up, I’mma let the before and after images do the talking…


open shelving


open shelving

So what have we done?

As you can see, we’ve made the simplest changes to accommodate open shelving that suits our taste down to the ground…far better than the bulky cupboards that just seemed to make the space so much smaller.

All we’ve done is remove the top level kitchen cupboards, taken our subway tiles up a level, replacing the cupboards with open shelving, and covering the boiler with this letter board instead of a bulky cupboard.

And what did we use?

  • For the full tutorial on how to create the copper pipe shelving structure, we referred to this Homebase video. Here’s your shopping list:
    Copper pipe
    T joints
    90 degree joints
    Pipe clips
    – Wood of your choice…we used timber from Wickes, at £17 for a 3m plank. I treated ours with the Rust-Oleum Furniture Finishing Wax in Dark
    – And all the bits you can find easily in most shops…superglue, screws to fix into the wall, and screws to fix the shelves into the pipework. The number of screws you require will be based on the size of shelving you need. You’ll also need a pipe cutter, which is literally the easiest, most satisfying thing to use!
  • We painted the wall using Craig & Rose Lido Blue
  • I spray painted the boiler piping with Wilko Metallic Spray Paint
  • This is the letter board we have

Now, we did already have 2 lengths of wood leftover from when we made our kitchen table, along with the furniture wax and spray paint. The letter board was also a birthday gift earlier this year…so in the interest of being completely transparent, we didn’t have to include those costs into our project, but that still leaves the bulk of this project in at under £100.

I’ve even impressed myself at what a huge impact a low cost project has had!

open shelving

But how are we making open shelving work for us?

SO many people said it was a risky move.

But what about when you just need to shove something in the cupboard?

What about when the baby needs a billion ugly plates etc? I mean, come on…have we met? I’m obvs going to find the most stylish baby plates ever.

How are you going to keep it all clean?

Well the answer was easy, I lived for 6 months as a trial with only those things that you see on our shelves, inside our cupboards.

I made sure that we only needed storage for items that I has happy to have organised on open shelving.

These are all things that are regularly in use, so I don’t have to worry about cleaning most of it, as they are in and out of the dishwasher all of the time…it’s just the actual shelves that need a clean each week.

Aaaaand I have given myself a huge safety net. The cupboards were actually removed fully in tact, and are now stacked in our shed. They have been an absolute godsend for organising out there too!

So yep, I know that if we really need to, we can make the switch back to cupboards at any time…although I don’t see that happening!

open shelvingopen shelvingopen shelvingopen shelving

What do you think? Is this something you want to try somewhere at home? It doesn’t have to just be in the kitchen! What about the bathroom? Find me on Instagram and Twitter to let me know what you think, and whether you’re going to give it a go!

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