Finding A Place In The Blogging Community

Finding A Place In The Blogging Community

When I started this little blog just a few short weeks ago, I was super nervous about what my friends and family would think. What my wider group of work friends would think, old school friends, people I haven’t spoken to for a long ol’ while and don’t know much about me these days. I wanted to blog as a little outlet for the random thoughts that pop up as I drive to work, or try to get to sleep at night, to find out whether anyone else might be thinking the same things. I love journal blogs, that feel like you get to know the person, and I like taking photos of the bits and bobs that we get up to, so it gets a little bit personal up in here at times. I had this feeling that people I knew IRL would be like, ‘OH, so you’re a blogger now’, ‘think you’re all that?’…nope just enjoy writing and fancied giving it a go.

I was also nervous about what other bloggers might think if they ever had a read of my ponderings, or had a peek at my photography (which by the way, I’m still learning, and have a long way to go!) There are plenty of people who are dab hands at this game, and I had this fear that these girls might turn around and be all ‘ahem, and who are you?’. A few days before I launched my blog, I read this post from the v v lovely Sophie Cliff, and I was like YES! Totally inspired, and ready to join the blogging community, it felt like the little push I needed to go for it, like the doorway was being opened and there was a big old “hello, come join in!” waiting.

Blogging was such an unknown thing when it started, people honestly started it for the love of whatever it might be that they were getting off their chests. Whether it was a niche topic, or they wanted somewhere to share photography, they didn’t even know that they could build a business out of this thang. Now, it’s turned into a profitable career, and so of course there are plenty of people who want a slice of the cake. That was one of the things that made me nervous to start, that it would be perceived as me purely trying a new money spinner, because we all know a bit about the blogging world now. Who wouldn’t want a career doing something they love, I certainly wouldn’t deny that, but it still has to be borne out of a passion for doing that thing, money or not. You can’t just start something for the moo-lah, otherwise it’ll likely fall flat in about 2 seconds. I blog because I enjoy it, I love the writing, and the photography will get there. TBH I hate pretty much every photo of myself, and I am only very slowly getting my own style for the photos I take…so you can tell I started this little blog for the chat, not the photos. I will get there lol.

Here’s the dealio though, firstly, those friends and family that I worried about reading my waffle on here? They have been SO kind and supportive. Maybe some people think it’s a bit weird, but ya know, that’s fine lol.

The bit I have LOVED though? The interaction with other like minded people! The boost from knowing someone you admire is into something you’re doing, whether it is an Insta post, your blog, or a tweet. It’s not about purely getting that like, it’s about sparking a conversation and interacting. It’s SO much fun! There has already been a couple of times where I have spotted a new blog post in my feed where I am like whatttt…I was literally going to blog about that, or use a v v similar photo set up, and I get a little bit like aghhh what if they think I copied, but actually I love that I’ve just found someone else who can share an experience or a little thought. It is this interaction, the constant support of one another, that will keep me motivated to blog. Even if one day I do get the dream job blogging about something fancy like Chloe handbags, or wait…SimpleHuman bins (hahaha…if you follow me on Twitter, you will know that these are my dream, ermmm rose gold recycler bin, you will be mine one day!), it will always be the interaction that will keep me inspired and in love with this little world.

So if you have been one of the lovely people who have replied to something I tweeted you, commented back on Insta stories, or shared something I wrote to you, then thank you. Thank you for taking the time to welcome me into this little blogosphere, or give me a little cheer for something I’ve done, I hope I find my feet.

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