Get Off Your Phone: 5 Things To Do That Don’t Involve The Internet…

Get off your phone

Let’s start with a little test for iPhone users that I think might shock you… head to “Settings”, then “Battery”. Once it has loaded, hit “Last 7 days” and the little clock icon. Sorry…you might not want to see the results! This basically shows you the amount of time you have spent on various apps. My top two were 8.3 hours on Instagram, and 4.6 hours on Twitter, in the last 7 days. Oops. It’s no secret that we all spend a TON of time on our phones these days, and whilst it’s fab to just be able to “google it” or keep in touch with anyone and everyone, sometimes you just need a bit of encouragement to get off your phone. Here’s what I am up to when I’m not desperately trying to keep up with Insta stories, or chatting away on Twitter.

Get off your phone

Read a book

Sounds SO simple I know, but so many of us just forget how good it feels to get completely and utterly lost in a good book. Last year, I signed up to my local library, and it has really spurred me on to get reading again. Not only is there a ton of books to work my way through, I’m also aware that I only have a book for 4 weeks initially, so I had better get reading! Lol if that’s too much pressure, I can easily renew online again and again, but I quite like the challenge. It’s also fab for recipe and self help books, plus a ton of other genres. Find your local library here.

Do that thing you keep putting off…

Ok ok, a little bit vague, but I bet it sounds familiar! For me, I’ve been meaning to measure the living room in prep for new sofas for a couple of weeks now. I’ve meant to measure my boiler in prep for another project for even longer! Small things that would make me feel so much more productive if I could tick them off, but instead, I’ve spent 8.3 hours on Instagram lol.

Write a letter

I started this blog first and foremost as a creative outlet where I could write down all of the random thoughts constantly buzzing around my brain. It clears my thought pattern and gets a few things off of my chest. Not everyone blogs though, and you might not even feel confident about your writing skills. Give it a go and write something for yourself though. A letter to yourself perhaps. Your future self or your past self. Maybe even write a letter to a friend. I bet they would love it!

Walk the dog

But I don’t have a dog! I hear you say… Well I am v v lucky to have a gorge puppy to walk, but if you don’t maybe a friend or family member does? Or you could sign up to one of those services to walk other peoples dogs! Don’t like dogs? Well let’s not go there lol, but getting outside and breathing in that fresh air will feel so good. I’m sat here at the end of a work day where I have been indoors ALL DAY and I am desperate to get out and let the pooch get a good leg stretch!

Binge watch THAT boxset

Ok, so it’s still screen time, but omg how good does it feel when you have been on the go all week and then you finally get to slob around like a lazy bum and watch a whole series of Stranger Things? I wrote about “negative multitasking” which essentially sums up that blurry moment where you think you have been giving something your focus, before realising that all you’ve paid attention to is your Insta feed. That’s not what I’m about here. Get off your phone, leave it in another room, get that box set on, and lose yourself for an hour.

I would love to know what you do when you finally get off your phone?

Do you use your local library?

Tweet me your thoughts and tag me in your posts on Instagram when you find some chill time (and then get off your phone lol).

Get off your phone


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