Hallway Storage & Creating A Warm Welcome

hallway storage

I dream of owning a home with a Kardashian style entrance one day, but for now you could probs fit my whole home into one of their hallways. That doesn’t stop me wanting to create a cosy, functional space though. I generally get a bit whingey about my days at work, so I love arriving back into my little sanctuary every evening. It gives me instant unsettled vibes if the first thing I see when I step in the door is mess. Hallway storage is pretty tricky when you’ve got a relatively small space, and it drives me crazy not to have somewhere to hide my keys. Or the numerous objects my husband decides to dot around the hallway.

hallway storage

Clever hallway storage

My bug bear is keys on display in the hallway. Soz but I just think they are ugly, and I hate when they are left on display. I took inspiration for our hallway decor from the stunning American mud rooms that you see on Pinterest, although ours is much smaller and far less glam! I wanted to add in shelving, and hide the radiator (I found the perfect sized cover after much hunting!), both of which allows me to add in a decorative touch and clever hallway storage.

This rail is from IKEA, and I picked up these bags from there too as the perfect hallway storage solution to pop our keys and general bits and bobs into. They look fab and are super functional!

hallway storage

Adding a bit of wow

This light has literally turned my hallway from “ah, that’s quite nice” to “WOW look at that space!” I’ve played around with a few different set ups on this shelf now, and this is by far the winner. As my hallway is visible from the living room, I love having a set up out there that makes me smile.

I’d had my eye on a neon-style light for quite some time and I was amazed to find out that Debenhams have a range of super fun neon and marquee style lighting. It’s all really affordable too, compared to similar items that I had found that were £££. At the time of writing the love light that I have here is on 20% off, GO GO GO!

hallway storage

Hiding the uglies

Our internet runs from the hallway and for months the ugly router just sat on the floor. I decided to pop it into this basket from Next, which I love! I then placed a plant pot saucer on top (luckily it fit perfectly), and added a potted plant. Hey presto, one hidden router! Just remember to remove the plant for watering, just in case, or use an artificial plant! Think outside the box sometimes to hide unsightly, but necessary objects.

This plant stand is also from Next and I bloody love it. We are onto our second plant though as the first one lasted all of about 2 months. Actually, that’s pretty good going for me! I love adding a bit of greenery into different corners of my home, I just need to get better at keeping them alive. This plant also hides the cables for the router and the LED light! The hanging planter is also a tactical purchase to hide the LED light cabling…

Try and keep up with two things that always clutter a hallway so easily, putting shoes away and sorting your post! It’s all too easy to stick the post on the side and kick your shoes off and before you know it you’ve got a week’s worth of Domino’s menus and half of Schuh in your hall.

hallway storage

Finding your home scent

Candles or diffusers are perfect for the hallway, giving you an instant homely scent the second you step in the door. I also love the hygge vibes the low light gives when you light a candle in the hallway at home.

My faves are Jo Malone for the intense scent they give off, or my ultimate bae is the White Company White Tea & Mint. It’s home goals.

What instantly makes you feel at home when you get in? I’d love to see your photos on Instagram if you buy the Love light, so please do tag me!

A BIG thank you to the Debenhams team for sending me the Love light for this blog post!

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hallway storage

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