Home Interiors – Adding A Personal Touch

Home Interiors – Adding A Personal Touch

I have big ol’ dreams of building our dream forever home one day. Literally, I already have the floor plans, just waiting for the funds to roll in *must remember to buy that lotto ticket*. But, when we were buying our actual first home on planet earth (not that other dream world I live in), the one thing we really wanted was a kitchen/dining room that opened out onto the garden. We would also have loved a bit of character, something to work on a little bit, but as it happened we got more bang for our buck with a new build containing said kitchen/dining room/garden combo.

New builds can be a bit plain, samey, boxy, so it’s been super important for us to put our own stamp on the place. Lol at that phrase “put our own stamp on it”, I remember hearing my mum say that when I was little, and now look at me adulting (apparently) and stamping all over the shop. The kitchen/diner was one of our first projects, and I have loved doing something a bit different and basically throwing my DIY self at it.

I love the instant style that subway tiles add, especially when paired with a darker grout. This actually really pleases my inner clean freak too, that the grouting won’t go a bit gross over time. Oh, and the succulent display? I never thought looking at a plant would make me so happy. I’ve gotten SO into the greenery trend, and I am pretty proud of this little goody created by my own fair hands. It’s actually a copper fruit bowl from Tesco, that I filled with succulents from Homebase!

Our table is definitely my fave DIY project. From the sawing to the waxing, this little baby was built by our own fair hands. The chairs were a friggin’ steal too at £10 each from Gumtree. Have I told you how much I love a bargain hunt?

I loved all of the wire shelving popping up in some of my fave interior retailers, but it also made me think, I can do that! So a couple of quid later I was experimenting with a bit of galvanised steel mesh, and ta dah! A quick spray of some old tins of beans, and I got myself some pretty stylish storage. If I do say so myself.

I can’t take credit of this beautiful creation. When we were getting married, I really wanted a huge R for everyone to sign on the day, something we could display for years to come. I couldn’t find anything quite right, so my lovely Grandad created this for us. I’m forever sitting at the table for dinner and spotting something I didn’t remember reading before!

It is quite possible that you could find some kind of wedding keepsake in every room of our house. I love that I could keep so much of the DIY projects to sprinkle around my crib. These were our table numbers, so pretty appropriate for dining room décor, I think.

Next up, I am desperate to rip out the top cupboards and replace them with open shelving. Seems a bit scary though in case I got it wrong, so would love to know what you think!

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