“How To Become Instagram Famous” – Is This What We All Want To Know?

When I have an idea for a blog post, I use the Google Keyword Planner to see how my idea relates to the things people are searching for. It helps me focus my idea and think about how a reader might be able to relate to it. Recently, I had one of my “driving to work brainwaves” where I started pondering the whole follow/unfollow Instagram trend and the constant battle against the algorithm. I wanted to write a post about whether ultimately, we all just want to be famous, and what the truth is on Instagram engagement. I typed in a few ideas and discovered that up to 10,000 people per month are searching for “how to become Instagram famous”.

That’s a hell of a lot of people who want to know the key to success when it comes to Instagram.

how to become instagram famous

where am i in all of this?

Firstly, I have no idea whether the algorithm has an affect on my Instagram. I’ve only focused on growing my account within the last year, and I’m fairly happy with the traction I get. Maybe if I had given it a go before all of this I’d have been growing at 1,000 a week lol. Then, I might have more of a gripe with the dreaded A word.

I love my Instagram account. I feel like I’ve got into a bit of a groove with my filter (my own personalised one…), and a rough posting schedule. Nothing too rigid though as I think that takes all of the fun out. Ultimately, this is the bit that has to be important. If you love what you’re putting out, you’ll keep doing it. Regardless of whether a photo bombs or you don’t gain many followers that week, you’ll still keep going. And that’s probably what makes for success. Who knows, I’m no expert in how to become Instagram famous lol.

is the algorithm a thing?

Don’t shoot me for this. As I’ve said above, I haven’t experienced the impact of the algorithm. I wasn’t a thing on Instagram before it came into play, so I’m just speculating here. But, I see so many people whinging about the algorithm and crappy engagement. So I take a look at their grid. And it’s just a bit lame.

There are so many hugely talented photographers posting on Instagram these days, that the competition is huge. If you’re posting images that look like they were taken in the back of a cupboard on a potato, it just ain’t gonna work.

Are you posting consistently high quality images on Instagram? Adding in relatable or witty captions?

Personally, I don’t think I tend to miss images on my feed. I could be wrong, who knows. It may also be down to the number of accounts I follow. I don’t like to follow thousands, because I simply couldn’t keep up with it. I like to engage with the photos I see, and I couldn’t do that if there were too many, or images on my feed that just aren’t my bag.

how to become instagram famous


how (not) to become Instagram famous

Follow/unfollowers. Oh how I hate them. I know this is taboo, but I have the app that shows me who has unfollowed me. It doesn’t rule my life, it doesn’t upset me, but it does tell me that since the start of this year 550 people have followed me and unfollowed me.

Love, this ain’t the way to grow an Instagram account. Why don’t you try upping your photography game, engaging and supporting others and basically just joining the goddamn community.

It frustrates me because these people don’t understand what Instagram is. They’ve simply seen it’s potential as a money making tool. They want to know how to become Instagram famous, without half the talent it takes to get there.

I know what I like on Instagram, and if your grid doesn’t give me that, or you don’t engage with me on a personal level, I’m not just going to token follow back. Oh, and if you’re only following me for that golden “follow back” I probs don’t want you anyway. Funnily enough, I want people to follow me because they actually like what I post.

not everyone understands the importance of engagement

I get it, engagement is everything. Your a blogger, you want to work with brands, and brands want engagement. Well, actually they just want followers, but that’s another thing entirely lol.

Let me let you in on a secret though, some people just don’t even think about engaging. It’s not on their radar. They don’t realise how much it helps you achieve your goals.

Before I got really into Instagram and growing my own following, I scrolled and scrolled without a second thought about double tapping. I liked what I saw but I just didn’t think it would make a difference to my fave blogger who already had 1,356 likes and 67 comments. What’s the point in commenting, coz lol are they even going to see it?

So some people just don’t engage, it doesn’t mean they don’t love what you do. It doesn’t mean that all that effort setting up that shot was for nothing.

how to become instagram famous

how to become Instagram famous

Do you know what I think the key is? To be relatable (captions). Inspirational (ace photography). To appeal to people other than bloggers. To appeal to people who don’t expect you to follow them back.

I’ve made online friendships with so many amazing bloggers since I started this little thang. I love every second of that. But do you know the moment things change? The moment that balance switches between your following being made up of your peers, to being made up of people who simply use the app for a bit of fun. Those private accounts that don’t expect you to follow them back, and love keeping up with your life.

But don’t underestimate that tribe you find when you get into these things. I chat to gals online to the point where I feel like I know them in real life. I’ve found people who want to support every little thing you do and it’s amazing. I love getting involved in Insta-story shout outs, because you find absolute gold that way. Not to mention the love from other babes has boosted my own account no end.

So do we all just want to be famous?

I don’t think so, but it sure as hell feels like it sometimes? Keep doing what you do best boo, and love every second.

What are your thoughts on the Instagram algorithm? What do you think about the chase for “how to become Instagram famous”?

P.S. Lol at some of these images…it started raining on the shoot but I decided to keep them as I thought they were quite fun in the end!

Dress – Zara (it’s only got bloody pockets!!)

Photography by @richross66

how to become instagram famous

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