4 Situations Where You Need To Care Less

how to care less

Do you ever find yourself caring about a situation just a little bit too much? Getting yourself all worked up, before realising (or not realising) that whatever it is, really doesn’t matter anyway. Maybe you need to figure out how to care less, and when to care less.

When a work project doesn’t go¬†quite to plan

For most of us, work is simply a means to pay the bills. It’s not our greatest passion, and we don’t want it to encroach on our personal time. Unless your job is saving lives or solving world poverty, it probably doesn’t really matter too much if something doesn’t go right.

How often have you gotten hung up on wishing you had said something different in a meeting? Reacted differently to a project you were given? Take a second. Think about whether anyone is going to be out of a job as a result of what happened. Or is the company is going to come to a grinding halt. If the answer is no, it probably doesn’t matter.

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When the housework didn’t get done

I can’t tell you how often I have beaten myself up over not getting the vacuuming done on the day I was supposed to. Or put away that coat that has been hung on the back of the chair for far too long. Yes I feel comfortable and content when I have done these things, but the world isn’t going to end if I leave the dusting until tomorrow.

If someone told you that you had a week to live, would you think SHIT I NEED TO GET HOME AND DO THE HOUSEWORK. No, you would think of a million more fun things to do. Yes, we all need to live in a clean and tidy home, but we all need a night on the sofa watching Gossip Girl re runs too.

When you feel like a let down

Feeling bad because you haven’t spent quality time with a certain friend or family member lately? Well, have they asked to do something with you? Suggested you came over for dinner, or made time for a quick lunch?

Instead of beating yourself up over whether or not you have done the right thing, have a little think about the whole “friendship is a two way street” thing. If you are slacking, then do something about it, but if you’ve put yourself out there more than 50% of the time, give yourself a break.

When your partner has pissed you off

We’ve all been there, little niggles that make you want to shut yourself in the bathroom for a long hot bath and take 1 hour away from your loved one. Or maybe it’s something that could cause a shouting match. Just stop yourself for a second and think about whether it’s really as bad as you think it is. Are you going to break up? If you’re not, is it really worth an afternoon of silence or a blazing row?

Yes it drives me up the wall when my husband has left his clothes on the floor for the third time this week. When he came home later than I expected on Friday night. And it works both ways, I do a billion things that piss him off, lol. But it’s far better to just articulate that thing that annoyed you, and move on, instantly. Life’s too short to hold onto petty disagreements.

How to care less

Simply think about how this is going to affect your life, or the life of those around you. If it doesn’t just let go. Stop letting pointless things consume your mind too much and focus on things that deserve your attention.

I would love for you guys to share more situations where we all need to care less in the comments…

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how to care less


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