How To Plan Your Life: Top 5 Tips & Downloadable Planners

How to plan your life

If you know me, you will know I love a plan. I studied Events Management at Uni, I was a Wedding Planner for 3 years, and now I am a Personal Assistant. It’s in me bones! It’s not just my work life that has to run like clockwork though, I try to be as organised as I can in home life too. Perhaps too much, but it keeps me happy. I get a super fuzzy brain when my life feels unorganised, like I can’t focus on anything because there’s too much mess, or too much happening at one time. Over the last few years, I’ve worked out what keeps me focused and settled. So if you have found yourself wondering how to plan your life lately, I thought I would share my tips and save you from “fuzzy brain” lol.

How to plan your life:

  1. Housekeeping Schedule

    I once spent a whole Saturday cleaning my house. Whilst I wanted to roll around in happiness at how sparkly beautiful it was when I was done, it confirmed that I was NEVER going to waste a whole Saturday cleaning again. Until I win my millions on the lottery and can employ a cleaner (the one luxury I would indulge, and maybe someone to iron), a daily housekeeping schedule keeps us clean and tidy all week. Spoiler, I do ZERO housework on the weekends…winning. It involves between 10-20 minutes of cleaning per day (In a 3 bed, 3 bathroom house). It totally works for me, and could be tweaked for anyone. Click here if you want to download the one I created and start to figure out how to plan your life. Or at the very least which day you’re going to change the bedding.

  2. Meal Planning

    After spending many a supermarket trip wandering the aisles randomly putting things in my trolley, shoving it all in the freezer and then never knowing what on earth to have for dinner far too many times, I switched to weekly meal planning. Once a week, I fill out this weekly meal plan. I then write a shopping list for exactly what I need and off I pop to Aldi. I’m certain it’s more economical this way too, as I spend around £35 per week for two of us. Side note…if you think it’s a bit weird that there are two slots for dinner, we quite often eat at different times in our house!

  3. Planner

    For 2017 I used the 17 month agenda and it was a dream. This year, I have this beaut Kate Spade planner. (I can’t find it anywhere online, so if you do, please link below!) I love having a slightly bigger planner, and the stickers are just cute AF in both of these planners. I’ll get onto social calendar planning in a sec, but whilst I did put all my social events into this written planner, I find this most useful for reminders. For example, get the chicken out of the freezer, make the packed lunches, renew the car insurance, bath the dog. I know, you are really getting a picture of how exciting my life really is! But seriously, this makes me feel SO much more organised, and helps with the meal planning too.

  4. iPhone shared calendar

    With various sports events, dinners and weddings to keep track of, the iPhone shared calendar is perfect for couples and families. I love that we can both enter something and both see what the hell is going on! Honestly, if you only do one thing today to try and figure out how to plan your life, start using this app!

  5. Think ahead and plan downtime

    I often sit down and take a look at our calendar to see what we have coming up, and where we have any quiet months. Over the summer we had a ton of plans such as weddings and hen/stag do’s, so I had to think carefully about what we could fit in when. Then I would work out the things that we have been wanting to do for ages, but could wait until a later month. That way I can keep some of the fuzzy brain at bay by not having too much on at any one time. As much I love to be busy, I also need to have down time as I start to feel like everything else goes out of control!

Let me know if any of these things help, and if anyone has any other tips for how to plan your life, please share!

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