How To Plan Your Next Trip

This might be a tad lame, but I reckon I’m a bit of a pro when it comes to planning what we’re going to do on a holiday.

I mean, sometimes it’s all about laying on a sun lounger doing sweet FA as you order another cocktail (mocktail, lol) and devour the latest book that everyone is obsessing over. But sometimes, you plan an adventure, big or small, and you need to think about the deets.

We’ve treated ourselves to so many trips from California and Hawaii, to a cheeky little road trip to Cornwall. No matter where we are, or how long we’re away for, I’ve always got my trusty itinerary.

My husband laughs at me, but he’s not laughing when I’ve planned every food stop he could possibly need for a 2 week trip.

Always plan breakfast

Our biggest holiday fail was not planning breakfast when we went to New York. I’d assumed it would be easy peasy, maple syrup squeezy, with pancakes stacked on every corner. Hmm not so much. Now of course, there are plenty of breakfast options in New York, but they all need prior research and potentially reservations.Wherever you are going, think about where you’re going to get breakfast each day to avoid early morning hangry arguments. They’re the worst.

Keep it flexible

When I say I plan our holidays, I plan them. Every minute is accounted for, and usually every activity and meal. But don’t let that fool you into thinking I’m a complete bore. Plans are there as a back up, and can always be changed.If you see a restaurant you really fancy, or an activity you didn’t know about until you got there, do it. If it means you need to take something else out, give it some thought. It’s nearly always worth going with the impulse, spontaneous plans, but it’s worth having something as a back up if not.

Factor in (more than) enough travel time

It goes without saying that none of us want to miss a flight, or the chance to nosy round the airport shops, but don’t forget to plan enough time to get to your activities too. I have no idea what was wrong with me in Barcelona, but a couple of times we managed to mess this one up a bit. Buses that didn’t turn up, and a slight miscalculation of exactly where La Sagrada Familia is, meant we scraped it just in time to a couple of things we wanted to do.

Take the stress (and inevitable arguments) out of the equation and plan in a little extra time.

Plan downtime

Most of our trips include a day or two with no (or very little) plans. This gives us the flexibility to do something again that we’ve loved, or fit something in that we spotted whilst we were there. Or simply have a day chilling out after all the exploring. It’s important, even for action packed holidays, to give yourself a bit of breathing space.

Book in advance

Got your eye on a specific restaurant? Tourist attraction? A trip across an island? Make sure that you book these things in advance. It means that you can properly research food options that will work with it (always thinking about my stomach), and more than likely get the best price.

When we went to Barcelona, I booked pretty much all of our trips in advance. It meant we could cut down on spend whilst we were actually there, planning for it ahead, and were guaranteed to see everything we wanted to see.

I hope those 5 tips have got you thinking about your next trip!

PSA: The exception to these rules is 100% chilling on a beach holidays. We’re off in a few weeks and I absolutely CANNOT WAIT to laze around doing absolutely nowt for a week.

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