“I’m Never Going To Have ‘Stuff’!”

“I’m Never Going To Have ‘Stuff’!”

That’s what I always used to tell my mum when I was growing up. I just couldn’t understand why she would have ornaments around the house, they had no purpose, I just didn’t get it. Now, although I have now succumbed to the odd decorative piece (Homesense, I am looking at you), I have definitely kept hold of my no nonsense, no hoarding, attitude.

If I haven’t used something for months, it’s out. If my life has carried on smashingly without that cheese fondue set for this long, I’m sure I will be just fine without it. Old hairdryer, byeee. Lipstick with the remnants of some pinky/nudey colour, see ya. Whilst I haven’t read that book that just about everyone read back in 2015, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, I feel like it would probs be right up my street. I have heard people talk of one important feature in Mary Kondo’s thinking, if an item doesn’t give you joy, then give it up. I’m sat here now trying to think of things that fundamentally belong in your house which can’t possibly give you joy, but actually the more I think about it, the more I realise pretty much anything could give you joy if you let it. Case in point, I reckon Anthropologie tea towels would bring me a fair amount of joy.

I love a simplistic style, not too much faff, but just the right amount of faff.

A couple of years ago I traded in my fussy princessy dressing table for this simple Ikea jobby. I know that every blogger and their sausage dog has one of these, but who cares when it looks like this. I actually did a pretty nifty hack on this with some sort of jiggery pokey in the runner mechanism to make the drawers come out further and I would highly recommend this. Just search Malm IKEA Hack on YouTube. I also recommend picking up a couple of IKEA Stodja cutlery trays (£1.50 each!!) to slot inside. They fit perfectly and are fabby for separating out all of your products.

I LOVE this chair. I know, it’s a chair. Same as my dining room table though, I feel like the chairs make or break the whole set up.

I lusted after this day bed for so long, it’s absolutely ridiculous. I used to be desperate to squeeze it into our old spare room, but it was 1cm too big. Then dream of all dreams, IKEA brought it out in grey just as we moved house. I absolutely love not having a double bed filling up this room that’s rarely used for sleeping. Not only that, but there is a ton of storage in the drawers. For essential stuff, not hoarding of course.

Ok, so mostly I just like having somewhere to display my pretty copper hangers, but this rack is super useful for when I have guests to stay or if I want to set out my clothes for the next day.

IKEA Malm Dressing Table
IKEA Stodja Cutlery Tray
IKEA Trensum Mirror
IKEA Nissedal Mirror 65×65
IKEA Nissedal Mirror 40×150
IKEA Hemnes Day Bed
Primark Copper Hangers (similar here)

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