5 Things My Instagram Husband Hates (lol)

instagram husband

I am very aware of how lucky I am to have a husband on hand to take blog photos with me. Not only that, but he actually enjoys it. He’s into photography, and we love doing this together. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t annoy the heck out of my Instagram Husband lol.

1. “You moan about every single photo of yourself”

“Without fail, she hates every single photo of herself. “Ugh no look at my face.” “Oh no, why does my leg look like that”…I know that she is never going to be happy with how she looks.” – Ross (aka the Instagram Husband)

Ok, not going to lie, I do usually say this. He’s getting so good at photography though, and he’s starting to know how to capture the best photos of me.

2. “Everywhere we go all I hear is, ooh that would be a great spot for an outfit photo!”

“We can be anywhere and she’ll spot somewhere for an outfit photo. The other day we were on an industrial estate and she told me she’d found her next outfit photo spot. Or she’ll come back from a bike ride where she’s just been spotting places.” – Ross

Yep, gotta get them shots, lol.

3. “There’s always “just one more outfit”

“I’ll ask how many outfits were shooting that day, and there is always without fail, one more outfit.” – Ross

What can I say, oops.

4. “We apparently need 300 identical photos”

“A bit like the outfits, we always need one more shot. Except they all look the bloody same” – Ross

I mean, if this ain’t the story of my blogging life, lol.

5. “You ALWAYS lose my lens cap”

“We have had this argument for years. Every single bloody time, she loses the lens cap!” – Ross

Uh, yep, I do always lose the lens cap.

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instagram husband

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