Instalove – Why I Do It And How I Edit

Instalove – Why I Do It And How I Edit

Hello everyone. My name is Abi and I am addicted to Instagram. I am a millennial, I grew up at the same time as Facebook was entering the world. I had Bebo, I had MySpace, and I signed up to Facebook back when your status had to start “Abi is…” I updated with tedious statuses, I uploaded obscure photos taken on drunken nights out, and my birthday didn’t exist without a Facebook event. And then I took a real dislike to it.

I don’t know what it was but I suddenly hated everyone knowing my business. It felt intrusive, and self indulgent…did anyone really care if I had had a really rubbish day and wanted to eat Dairy Milk on the sofa whilst watching Gossip Girl? I started to find other peoples updates just as tedious, there was too much oversharing, and I really hate when I have to see updates from people I have never heard of just because someone I knew 15 years ago “liked” their post. Woah, rant done.

So then there was Instagram. This pretty platform where people took time over their posts, creating something lovely to look at, often paired with a witty caption. I observed for quite some time, and then I decided it was time to lift my posting ban and dip a toe into the world of Instagram. I love it. I love setting up a pretty little shot, editing and uploading. I’ve even started to go balls deep with a few DNM captions. Then Insta stories was born and I reacted like it was an imposter. But I already have Snapchat! How dare they copy! It didn’t take long for them to win though, and soz RIP Snapchat. So now I upload daily stories, and usually post once a day to my feed. Yep, you can once again find out if I have indeed had a rubbish day, and am sitting on the sofa eating Dairy Milk and watching Gossip Girl. P.S. I still have a bug bear for super long Insta stories…soz mate I lost interest 5 posts ago.

My fave type of post is something relatable, colourful, and crisp with some relatively witty caption. I love the direction that Instagram is taking towards micro-blogging and as much as I follow different people for different reasons (interiors, style, travel), I want to see more of the person behind the lens. Screw the theme, let’s have a screen full of colour, with your favourite things and your favourite moments.

I’m also pretty happy with how I edit my photos now, I don’t like them to look too filtered, but I do like to bring out the colours and crispness and keep them quite bright.

I tend to play around with the settings on the iPhone photo app before I go to Instagram, generally upping the Brilliance, and sometimes the Exposure. I’ll then drop down the Highlights and Shadows and increase the Brightness. I tip the Contrast and Saturation up a little and bring the Cast down. Most of these settings I literally just make slight changes to, depending on the photo. If you can’t find the iPhone settings, shout me in the comments. Once I get the image into Instagram, I usually up the Structure, bring the Warmth right down, and Sharpen it a little. Then I am good to go.

I bloody love finding new accounts to follow so hit me up in the comments and let me know if your thoughts on social media.

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