Kitchen Cupboard Organisation: Tupperware Tips

Do you remember when I told you about my hellish cupboards and messy kitchen drawers? Well, there was one too many cupboard explosions and I decided enough was enough, it was time to get organised. I pin so many kitchen cupboard organisation ideas, but it’s one of those jobs I just never got round to doing.

kitchen cupboard organisation

For new build properties, it’s popular to have these tall, larder style cupboards built in. When we moved in I thought wow! This is amazing, look at all that storage! But in reality, it turned into one of those “chuck it in, hope for the best” kind of cupboards. Tins were precariously stacked, bread squeezed in, and porridge spilling all over the shop. The shelves are so tall that actually, it can be quite limiting and you end up with lot’s of dead space.

Measure your space, look at how wide your shelves are and how much height you have. Once I did this, I got straight onto the Wilko website to scour the tupperware. Yes, you read that right, I am talking about tupperware. When did I get so grown up lol. Wilko is super affordable though, I couldn’t believe how expensive plastic boxes can be! This project cost me a total of £60.

kitchen cupboard organisation

stack it & label

Where possible, add height and levels to your storage. These acrylic drawers from Wilko were perfect for the space I have. They fit snugly with the width and height of each shelf!

I spent a long time weighing up different storage solutions, to maximise the amount of drawers I could add in. Remember, drawers will always be better than stacking boxes because it will be an absolute ball ache to keep getting the boxes out to take something out of one at the bottom!

I chose to get a bottle rack from The Range too, a this makes access so much easier for bottles.

Now. Enter the Dymo label maker. I am obsessed. Not only is it super handy to have everything labelled, there’s no doubt this helps it look a little bit more “cool”. A bit more insta…or Pinterest.

kitchen cupboard organisation

making life easier

Ermigaaad, it is unbelievable how much having a tidy cupboard helps my mindset. It used to drive me crazy not knowing where anything was!

I would love to know if this post has helped motivate you to organise your cupboards?

kitchen cupboard organisation

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