3 Day Hair With Lee Stafford

I’m a big fan of the Lee Stafford styling range. I swear that the “For Hair That Never Grows Past A Certain Length” products genuinely works. So, when I was offered the chance to try out the Coco Loco electrical range, I was intrigued.

Firstly, the range includes a hairdryer, straighteners, a tong (aimed at long hair!), a straightening brush and the Wonderball Wand, which I chose. Each tool is infused with coconut oil, which Lee Stafford says, when heated, helps to transfer the coconut oil onto each hair shaft resulting in soft, shiny hair. Big promises, ay?

lee stafford wonderball wand

I’mma take it back a few years before we get into this. I very clearly remember my first styler, which actually had interchangeable plates to create straight or crimped styles lol. Thing was, it really wasn’t that powerful, and I even had my hair straightened under the iron by my Mum a couple of times. LOL. So, for a super affordable item, I had visions of the Wonderball Wand being just as pathetic as my teen years of hair styling. Oh how I was wrong. I was really surprised instantly at just how curly this left my hair.

You can use it a couple of different ways, either selecting smaller sections for tighter curls, or larger sections for a beachier look. I tend to pick up relatively small sections, but I’ll brush it all out when finished to create a more relaxed look. You just need to be a bit careful when using the wand, and maybe get hold of one of those heat resistant gloves if you’re a bit heat sensitive.

When I started trialling the Lee Stafford Wonderball Wand, I was really looking for something stand out different. Something that I don’t get with my usual styling method. For years I have curled my hair using GHD straighteners. That stand out thing, was the fact that these curls last. As in three days last.

I couldn’t actually believe how much staying power my curls had. I didn’t realise how quickly my straightener curls were actually dropping until I started using this! On day one, the curls stay perfect all day. Day two, and you still have a visible curl, although slightly more relaxed than the first day. Day three, well, pretty much looked the same as day two!

Day One

lee stafford wonderball wand

Day Two

lee stafford wonderball wand

Day Three

lee stafford wonderball wand

I’m actually a pretty low maintenance kinda gal. There is no way you would catch me doing a daily hair wash. My hair really doesn’t need it, and neither does my life lol…I literally could not be bothered.

The only reason I would wash my hair more often before using the Lee Stafford Wonderball Wand, would be because my style had gone a bit limp. Or if I had resorted to a topknot on the third day, but it was looking a bit grim. I just don’t get that with this, it seriously gives me three day hair.

So, I am loving being able to do my hair once, and simply stick a bit of product in it to keep it going for a couple of days. Far more time for important things like watching Eastenders and having a nap lol.

Have you tried a curling wand? Or any of the Lee Stafford Coco Loco styling products? I’d love to know your thoughts as to whether I should try any of these with the Wonderball Wand!

P.S. Obvy the products I use are pretty damn handy too…let me know if you want to know any of those secrets!

I received no payment for this post, however I was gifted the Lee Stafford Wonderball Wand to trial.

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lee stafford wonderball wand

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