How I’m Trying To Overcome The “Left Behind” Feeling

I love being creative. Coming up with ideas that give me a bit of drive in life. I get incredibly bored when life is just ticking over, I’m constantly wondering how we are going to be truly happy living our best lives. Constantly battling the feeling of being a bit “left behind”.

As I write those sentences I start to think don’t be so ridiculous. You have your health, a happy marriage, a lovely home, and a job that pays the wages. Of course, these things are all wonderful and I don’t take anything for granted even for one second. But, I often find myself sitting at my desk asking myself, is this really what life is about?

Surely it should be about doing something you love everyday? So many people manage to make that into work (whatever it is!), so why haven’t I?

Have you ever experienced that feeling when you see someone come up with an amazing idea, whether it is business, travel, or creative, and you think gaaad I LOVE IT, why aren’t I making something like that happen for myself? Not simply “why not me”, because I don’t believe luck lands in our lap with these things, we have to work hard. But, why didn’t I have the forward thinking to come up with something like that for myself?

If you’re into all this blogging malarkey, perhaps someone just nailed an amazing collaboration that stood out from the crowd. Maybe they just launched a project that is like no other you’ve seen anyone work on creatively before. What’s the next big thing? Maybe you always feel like you just missed out.

But I don’t just mean in relation to this blog, which by the way I wish I had started years ago, but also in the workplace, I’m forever wondering why someone else came up with an idea before I did.

Kicking myself because really, it was simple. It’s always the simplest ideas. The ones that seem obvious when someone else points them out, that are the best.

I feel like I’m being cryptic, but really, I don’t have much of an example to give you, I’m just hoping you will relate to this with your own experiences.

I want to push myself creatively. To be able to think more outside the box. Think forward, and consider what new trends are a flash in the pan, and which ones I am totally on board with. I don’t want to be left behind any more, I want to push my own creative ideas forward.

Sometimes I complicate things, mostly at work. Looking at situations or projects too literally, instead of simply thinking about things like maybe I would at home. Give me a personal budget to look at, and I will whip up a spreadsheet in no time. Going on holiday and need a plan? I’m your girl. But sometimes, in work, I over complicate a situation when really it is probably quite easily resolved.

And when it comes to the creative side of things? Figuring out how there is more to life than sitting at my desk waiting for the next mundane thing, that I really don’t care about, to come my way. I’ve talked before about how to find something you are passionate about in life. Building up everything you do outside of work to make sitting at that desk seem like a very small part of your life, but sometimes, it just doesn’t seem that way.

I’ve just stopped to read this post so far, and I’m conscious that this might sound like a bit of a neggy noodle post. That’s not where I’m going with this.

I truly have this belief that I can overcome this feeling of being left behind, by constantly pushing my creative boundaries. I’ve loved every second of Instagram since I’ve started working hard to produce the type of content I love. I’ve started focusing more on the content I put on this blog, making sure that everything is something I feel passionate about.

I just need to keep putting myself in a creative space. Stop over complicating things. Relax a little. And believe in myself that, in that headspace, I can make amazing things happen.

Do you get that “left behind” feeling?

I would love to know your thoughts on all of these rambles. Have I made sense? Can you relate a little to some of this?

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