All the things I haven’t blogged about

Oh hi, hello…remember me? There has been a grand sum of oh, let me see…two blog posts since Teddy arrived on this planet! Well, he’s five months old today, and I think it’s about time I started using my brain for something other than singing “Winnie the Pooh” and wondering when the next nappy explosion is going to hit. I’ve also been more than a little absent from YouTube too, where, if you’re interested, I keep you up to date on the exciting life I lead. Think chats to camera as I attempt to cover up my eye bags, or wonder what to make for dinner, lol. So, I thought I would lose myself in a bit of writing with a dose of what’s been happening lately. Let me catch you up…

Being a mum

I wrote about surviving the fourth trimester here, and OMFG didn’t it just feel like that. Surviving.

Without even realising it, I’d kind of forgotten to give much thought to the whole “looking after a baby” thing, past the point of actually being pregnant, and attempting to squeeze a 10lb human out of my body. Let me tell you, THAT was fun. Well, life got even more “fun” once we got our darling little bundle of joy home, and I started to wonder if it was ever going to get easier. Or mildly manageable, whatever. He hated sleep. At around 3 months (ish) he decided to wake every hour and all I could do was shove a boob in his face and try and get some shut eye as soon as it was all over. I thought that was going to be my life forever, but in actual fact, it seems we had reached the dreaded sleep regression a little early. I’m actually so grateful that we survived the regression without even realising it…I thought things were about to get worse once he hit 4 months, lol. I think at that point I might have actually boxed him up and posted him back to the hospital. Let’s not get hung up on sleep, because actually with a lot of help and support, we’re making real progress so that is a blog post all in itself. My point is though, that yes, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. At around 4.5 months, I started to realise that it was actually getting a little bit easier. Maybe I could do this.

My happy baby

When I last wrote, I told you all that Teddy simply wasn’t a happy baby. I was at the end of my tether at times, wondering if anything would ever make him happy. We did a few sessions of cranial osteopathy and I would absolutely recommend it to others who seem to have an uptight, stressed little bundle. It’s ideal for babies who had a stressful birth, particularly those who were stuck in the pelvis for a length of time. Our osteopath described Teddy as having a rock solid head, whereas the bones should be able to “float” a little, whilst holding a lot of tension in his body as she held him. This could be causing him tension headaches, discomfort and a short attention span. We absolutely saw a change in our little person after a few sessions, so if you’re intrigued, I would definitely recommend researching it further! So, with a combination of cranial osteopathy, and much improved sleep, I officially take it all back. We are very lucky to have one happy little boy that makes us smile every day. Lots of you spoke to me about your grumpy babies when I spoke out about Teddy’s mood, so let me tell you, you’re not alone. From my experience, yes there is things you can do to help them, as I’ve said, but also, it can take time. I think I was a little impatient with Teddy. Comparing him to other babies, and wondering why he couldn’t just chill. But actually, all it took was some small changes, that have only been possible as he has got a little older, and I’m starting to see his cheeky little personality more and more.


It just kind of happens doesn’t it? Whizzing before our eyes before we even realise it. What have I been up to? Well, I survived our first family wedding with a baby in tow, including a 4 hour road trip that went better than I could have imagined. I even took the chance to coat my body in my fave fake tan AND get my nails and eyebrows done. I felt like a whole new woman, lol. That reminds me, I need to find time (and money, cheers stat may pay) for this again, I’ll feel so much better! I’m getting my hair chopped next week and I cannot wait. Maybe I’ll go whole hog and go with tan and brows too. Watch out world. I’ve started to realise that I can get a little bit more “me time”, but I need to loosen the psychological reigns to actually allow myself to do so. Teddy can go much longer without a feed now, and no longer needs me to go down for a nap, so I can take a couple of hours for myself here and there. That said, he still screams the house down when I try and put a bottle anywhere near him, so it’s not like I’m off for a long weekend any time soon, lol. Hospital visits and scans. I’ll always have the dreaded C word hanging over my head, and I feel a weight to stay well now more than ever with Teddy’s dependence on me. And my determination to see him turn into the handsome young man I just know that he will be. Here’s hoping that my next set of scans tell us everything we want them to, and continue to do so for a long long time. What else is there? I’m not even sure at this point. Obvs, I’m watching Love Island like the rest of the country, I’m living on ham and cheese sandwiches, and I’m still dreaming about winning the lottery. LOL. For now, I’ll love you and leave you, but it has felt good to lose myself in my blog for a little while. I’m BACK. Let’s aim for one post a week to get my creative juice flowing again. Got any questions about what’s been happening? Come and find me on Instagram.

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