Life with a newborn: how I’m planning to cope

Spoiler, I’m not. Planning that is! Can you bloody believe it? I am a serial planner…I try to plan every inch of my life, and I’m avoiding planning life with a newborn whatsoever.

For the first time in my life, I’m just going to see what life throws at me. 

I’m fully aware that newborns are unpredictable. 

As much as I can prepare for his birth, he’ll rock up when and how he bloody well likes.

I can do all the research I like on breastfeeding, if the boobs not his thing, it’s not his thing.

We can buy all the sleep aids in the world, if he cries more than he sleeps, we’ll just have to buy more caffeine.

Going into this whole parenting malarky with my eyes wide open to every possibility is the only way I can do it.

So my plan for life with a newborn is simply, not to plan. 

I can’t give you any worldly advice at this point, except to tell you that it feels good to let go of any worries that you have when it comes to things that are more or less out of your control when it comes to life with a newborn.

How not to plan for life with a newborn

  1. Keep a positive, relaxed outlook on how life might look when the little bean arrives. Know that what will be, will be, you will all survive the sleepless nights in the end. You will all be fed and watered at the end of the day, and it will all be more than worth it.
  2. Understand your body. Through hypnobirthing and yoga, I’ve learnt a lot about what my body is built to do, which has made me feel 100084484x better about labour and birth. I want to give myself time to recover after he arrives, remembering that I need that as much as he does. See…planning to do literally nothing in my first few days (at least!) of life with a newborn.
  3. Talk talk talk. Ross and I keep talking about how life is going to change, but we’re going to adapt with it, until we can slip back into something that resembles the days when there were just the two of us. But better obvs, with our new little bestie.
  4. Place absolutely zero expectations and pressure on yourself. This is a toughie for me. I want to achieve everything I aspire to be in terms of parenting, but I’m being extremely careful to focus on the fact that anything could come our way when he arrives. Especially in those first few weeks of life with a newborn…I need to remember to take it as it comes and tell myself (and Ross!) that we are doing our best, and learning together.

So yep, that’s my non plan, plan.

It feels incredibly alien to me not to be creating spreadsheets for tasks, timetables and meals…but I know that this is the way to handle life with a newborn.

I’ll report back when I’m several weeks in, lol.

Do you have any tips for life with a newborn? Anything you wish you did differently, or completely swore by? Find me on Instagram or Twitter to chat more!

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