4 Tiny Homes You Need To See

love writing interior posts. I just love interiors. But recently, I’ve felt like I was banging my head against a brick wall when it comes to ideas. I have a few projects around my own home that I have shared, or I am working on at the moment, but there’s only so much my little house can give you in terms of blog content. Then, I discovered A Cup of Jo, and ermigaaaad it’s like ultimate blog goals. This is what I am here for, I feel like I could browse her content for days! She’s sparked a few little ideas of inspiration for future content, but I came across one particular post which I just have to share with you guys!

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For the longest time, Ross and I have toyed with the idea of container homes. We dream of picking up an affordable piece of land and creating something beautiful out of something as dull as a shipping container. It’s one of those things that we talk about non-stop for a few days, then put it completely on the back burner. Who thinks we should just do something crazy and go for it?

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Let me start with this absolute goals tiny home, the one I came across on A Cup of Jo – A 300 Square Foot Tiny House in California.

little houselittle houselittle houselittle house

Photography by Belathee Photography for A Cup of Jo.

Seriously, when can I move in? I am fascinated by homes like this, and I needed to know more. Luckily there was a home tour linked in the comments, and I quickly got lost in a YouTube black hole of these little houses! You need to watch this tour, but don’t blame me if you find yourself glued to tiny home videos 2 hours later. I think my jaw actually dropped when I saw the dining table set up. Please, please, please…can they just ship me one to the UK?! In all seriousness, does anyone know of a company like this in England?

little house inspo

If you still need a bit of convincing that tiny homes are completely do-able, check out these beautiful homes.

little house

This beautiful home was created by Modern Tiny Living.

little house

This container home was created by Alternate Living Spaces.

little houses

This absolutely stunning (not so) tiny home is a Mustard Seed Tiny Homes creation.

I’m sensing a theme here, there is so much opportunity for homes like this in the US…I’m desperate to create one here in the UK!

What do you think? Could you live in one of these little houses?

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