Living Room Refresh: How To Plan & Style

We moved into our new build home at the end of 2014, thus began the long old wait to decorate, as it’s recommended you give it a year. I don’t know how much you really need to pay attention to this detail, as all it takes is a repair of the odd crack here and there if needed. If ya fancy reading more about new build tips, I’ve got you here. Anywho, 3 and a bit years down the road and I am ready for a living room refresh. And a bedroom refresh, but that’s for another time.

I love me a bit of grey, and I was obsessed with coating every wall in various shades from “falling feather” lol to “midnight elephant” lol again. I still love my grey walls as I think it is such a great blank canvas. A blank canvas that I am so ready to splash a bit of colour onto.

living room refresh

living room refresh

The first step is to get your head around what you are working with. I’m sure many of us are in the same boat, limited space but desperate to create something you love. I don’t have a huge home, but I do believe that size ain’t everything. Ahem. So, get that tape measure out and start by getting yourself a floor plan.

Think creatively, can you switch the layout around to make it work better for you? When we looked around the living room in the show home for our house, the layout really made no sense. And when we moved in, the television sockets were in such an odd spot. So, we ran the cables under the carpet and moved the whole focus of the room around. Would this create a better space for you?

prioritising spend over save

Don’t care too much for what your television is going to sit on, but determined to park your bee-hind on the comfiest sofa known to man? Lighting not important, but soft furnishings are your thang? Make a list of all of the things you need to factor in, and work out your priorities. Where are you going to spend your money? And what are you going to buy from Dunelm and IKEA? Faves, real affordable faves.

My suggestion? Go all out on the sofa. It will be the one stand out piece in your living room, so you need to get it right. Not to mention, you probs spend a lot of time parked on the sofa, it’s worth a little bit of spend.

research, research, research

Pinterest is the perfect starting point. I’ve got about 3 million boards if you fancy checking out my profile here. Use it to pinpoint a colour palette, two or three shades that are going to carry you through. Then the fun bit, start shopping. Have a good browse online and start building a few mood boards to see what works together. My faves include John Lewis, IKEA, Next, H&M Home, Zara Home, Dunelm, Homesense, The Range, Anthropologie and Sainsburys Home. I mean, just a couple to get you started lol. 

Shop around, and think about those spend over save priorities.

all in the detail

I love me a soft furnishing. Blankets, cushions, rugs…I’m all over it. They can make such a difference to the look, feel and comfort of a whole space. Think about these little things, including art and lighting. How can  you add your own personal style.

my lust list

It’s all there. Just look at that navy blue and powder pink palette. I literally want to move into that photograph right now. I am p much desperate to get some navy blue velvet and pink velvet into my living room. And I think I’ve convinced the hubs lol. I basically asked him if he had ever hated anything else I had done to our home and he said no. Conversation won. Most of the items I’m lusting after are John Lewis, have you been into one recently to see their gorgeous room set ups? It’s like IKEA on crack.

Have I given you the interior bug yet?

Sofa and snuggle chair – John Lewis Barbican Range
Cushions (L-R) Pink Mongolian Sheep Hair // Patterned Design Project // Pink Design Project // West Elm Grey Velvet // West Elm Blue Velvet
Throws (L-R) Natural Plush Throw // Scandi Pom Pom Throw
Side Table West Elm
“Hello” decoration West Elm
Lamp John Lewis
Lampshade John Lewis
Rug John Lewis 
TV Unit West Elm (similar here)

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