3 Reasons Why You Need A Long Weekend

I’ve never been much of a “long weekend away” kinda gal. Although the idea seems all dreamy and v v spontaneous and millennial, I was just neverĀ thatĀ into the idea. Totting up the costs and comparing it to a week away somewhere further afield always tore me away from 3 or 4 day trips. But I think I’ve cracked boys and girls, 4 nights in Barcelona has warmed up my love for a long weekend exploring a new city. Now I know you probably have about 957839 of your own reasons to need a long weekend (I mean, where can we petition to make those bad boys a monthly thing?), but here’s why you should get away.


3 reasons why you need a long weekend

1. It will feel like a longer break than it really is

Ok, so we stretched our Barcelona trip out to 4 nights, which felt perfect. Long enough to settle in a bit, and see everything without rushing around, but still short enough to be considered a long weekend. If you time the flights well, it will absolutely feel longer than it really is. Our flights were due to arrive in Barcelona at 7.30pm, departing at 6.00pm 4 days later. The perfect time to arrive, drop bags and enjoy dinner on arrival day, and enough time to finish exploring on our last day before getting home at a reasonable time.

It had been 6 years since I had taken a short haul flight and I had forgotten how easy it was! Cutting out huge amounts of travel time makes it feel so much longer. You don’t lose a whole day travelling! Pair that with hand luggage only, and online check in, travelling felt like a breeze.

Finally taking advantage of being able to pop over to Spain within a couple of hours allowed me to relax far quicker, and get straight into the holiday mood. The recharge I absolutely needed after the longest winter!

2. You’ll reconnect with your travel pal

I appreciate that many people travel to new places and explore solo, but for me I love to travel with my best chum, my husband. Whether you’re travelling with a friend or partner those few days away are likely to be just what you need to reconnect with that person. I hadn’t even realised how much I needed that time with Ross, but to spend 4 days/nights together, just us, is so bloody lovely.

I forget how much time we spend running around. Spending no quality time together and struggling to remember all of the things I want to tell him at the end of the day. I always come away from a long weekend together feeling like I love him that little bit more. Something I didn’t realise was even possible! Even if I do drive him crazy with my scattiness, which often involves dropping things, losing my belongings and falling over.

3. You’ll get to see more of the world

Even though we usually favour a trip across the Atlantic, we always moan about how we never go and see all of the places right on our doorstep. By taking advantage of a quick short haul flight, you could get away more frequently, leaving less time between holidays. Yes, yes, yes please!

For those of us who dream about seeing the world, and generally just cry in despair that we end up spending way too much time behind our desks, this is a fab solution. By squeezing in several long weekends throughout the year, you’ll tick more of those places off of your bucket list, and reduce that pain of the long old wait until your next getaway.

Take a look at where we stayed in Barcelona…

P.S. Has this post got you thinking about how to make the most of your annual leave? Or how to plan a holiday?

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