Mindfulness In Blogging & Vlogging

Mindfulness in vlogging

Mindfulness, “the psychological process of bringing one’s attention to experiences occurring in the present moment”.

Mindfulness in Photography

One thing I love about lifestyle blogging and vlogging, is that it forces you to slow down. To stop and really take in your surroundings as you take that photograph. Or when you pause to capture footage of a moment you want to remember forever. Using blogging and vlogging as a way to focus on the present moment and practise mindfulness.

I’m sure there will be opposite opinions on this, that being consumed by your camera stops you just “being” in the moment, but I disagree. I always used to laugh at Ross because he never wanted to stay in one place for very long. Empire State building looking out at the NY skyline? Yep seen it, what next? Watching the lions at ZSL London Zoo? Let’s move onto the penguins… Basically his attention span was near to nothing whereas I would much rather just soak it all in.

Since we have both really started to get into photography, we spend so much more time really enjoying whatever it is we are doing, and I blimmin’ love it. We recently went out for a dog walk ready to catch the sunrise, and spent ages bumbling around taking photos. The early start also afforded me a lazy morning in bed once we got home and a McDonalds breakfast so ya know, it was worth it. I love that we are being more creative with our spare time. We’re going out of our way to think of new things to do whilst we capture some snaps. I felt it when we visited Edinburgh, rather than rushing from place to place, we spotted views that we wouldn’t have noticed before, and admired our surroundings for hours.

Mindfulness in Blogging

Then there’s the blog writing. Everyone must ponder to themselves, random little thoughts that come to us as we drive to work, or wash our hair. I love that blogging offers an outlet for those thoughts and a chance to really explore them. I’m forever coming up with a random topic in my head, and then jotting it down to blab on about when I get a chance. My favourite posts are those that come so naturally that you’re literally bursting to get it written down! I often feel as though blogging is my form of therapy, affording me a sense of mindfulness that I would have ignored without this outlet.


And my favourite vlogs to watch back? Holiday vlogs for sure. I want to make sure I can zoom myself back to that moment whenever I want to. I absolutely love that I can look back on San Francisco, Disneyland and New York. My own little time capsule. It’s amazing to look back on how much I have changed in the past 3 years!

Now I’m not suggesting everyone needs to stop and take 3037448 photos of your Chai Tea Latte until you get the perfect shot, but we are forever rushing around ticking off to do lists, or “doing” a place – aka “I’ve done New York”, “‘I’ve done Edinburgh”…ermm excuse me, what exactly have you “done” to those places? Lol. Stop for a minute, really look at that skyline, really taste that local delicacy, really smell the freshly cut grass – pay attention to your mindfulness.


Images by @richross66 // and me!

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