Motivation: Do You Need A Boost?


Ironically, I really struggled to get going with this blog post. I know it’s there, I know I want to write it, but of course…a blog post about motivation, and I am struggling with motivation!

Back in 2016 I was at a pretty low point, and certain motivational quotes really spoke to me. Each week I posted a #motivationmonday post on Instagram, and it really lifted my spirits. I know, that seems so silly, it’s just a few words, but really, it helped. Here are a few of my faves, and I’ve put some meaning behind each one for you.

Actually, I Can

Sometimes other people put you down or make you feel like you can’t achieve your dreams. More often though, you do it to yourself. Whether it is a small hurdle or a huge life change, BELIEVE. Visualise yourself achieving that end goal. Imagine how it will feel when it happens. I used to do this when I was going through cancer treatment. I would literally visualise the moment the doctors told me that I was cancer free, and it happened. This isn’t some sort of mumbo jumbo cancer miracle chat, but adopting this mind set really helped me focus and stay positive.

Think Good Thoughts, And Good Will Find You

You get out of life what you put in. If you fancy finding the bad in everyone and everything, then you’ll probs bumble around with a grey cloud over your head feeling like the world is against you.

I always used to wonder whether I was a glass half full or a glass half empty kinda gal. Well, it turns out I am v much glass half full, and it really helps on a day to day basis. It means I don’t get caught up in little niggles by focusing on better things. I try to see the good in everything and everyone, and if I can’t, then I move on.

Social media is such a good example of this for me. I know that for some it can be a drain, but I surround myself with positive online influences and regularly interact with these people in a positive way. It is such a boost, and can be just the motivation I need sometimes.

She Looks To The Future And Smiles

We’ve all got shit going on that make us feel a bit meh. Some of us have lot’s of little struggles that result in a big impact. Others have big life decisions to make that feel overwhelming. Me? I currently fall into the latter, and it is tough.

I get SO caught up in the utter shitness of it all, and how it feels right now. Every so often though, I manage to remind myself that this is my right now, not my forever. Exercise a little bit more of that positive visualisation…just look to the future and imagine yourself in a place where everything is resolved. Where, everything has worked out for the best. I find getting outdoors and going for a walk helps with this one!

Be Gentle With Yourself, You’re Doing The Best You Can

We are often so hard on ourselves. So many of us face daily struggles, and we pile on the pressure. To be the best human being we can, to be the best at our jobs, to just generally have our shit together. Every so often it pays to say no, to stay in and do whatever it is YOU want to do. Does that mean a night out with the girls? A candle lit bath? A Friends marathon? Whatever it is, take the time out to do you boo…you’re already aceing life, I promise.

Invest In People Who Invest In You

Don’t let anyone be a drain on your own personal resources. Love those who cheerlead you through life, and make sure you cheer them on through their ups and downs. Who else have we got if we haven’t got each other?

My go to for motivational quotes when I need them the most is Pinterest, check out my board here. When I started writing this blog post I browsed this Pinterest board, and seriously, reading through these truly helps my mental state. It genuinely gives me motivation, and each quote talks to me in it’s own way. Make what you will of each quote, let them speak to you in a way that motivates you personally.

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