Multitasking, Are You Guilty Of Doing Too Much At Once?


Multitasking is a wonderful thing. Until you realise you have been scrolling through Instagram all the way through this weeks Bake Off. I know, it should be a crime. I’m talking about negative multitasking. Not the type that get’s shit done, the type that leaves you feeling like your spinning too many plates. As though you’re not really giving anything your full attention. The attention that it deserves, whether that’s chill time that you desperately need, or hard work and focus on a side hustle.

It literally happens before I’ve even realised as I watch TV. I find myself rewinding (is it still called that?!) to the last bit I remembered, whilst getting all the more frustrated with myself. I always tell myself the same thing, I’m still concentrating, I know exactly what’s happening. And then all of a sudden there’s been a soggy bottom and a Paul Hollywood handshake and all I know is what Hannah Gale had for dinner, or what Amy Farquhar wore today. Btw girls, I still need this info in my life, just maybe not at the same time as trying to cram anything else into my brain.

I think we’re all guilty of multitasking.

Doing too many things at once when actually, you could be enjoying the moment, or at the very least getting way more out of it. Getting completely sucked into Stranger Things. Editing that weekly vlog. Having an actual real life CONVERSATION with my husband. It’s not just endless social media scrolling that loses me. It’s writing up this week’s meal plan, vacuuming the living room, making the packed lunches for tomorrow. I am forever doing more than one thing at any given time, and actually it would pay to give my full attention to one thing once in a while. Please note, I’m not superwoman, I’m not actually doing those exact three things all at one time. Ever.

I actually get this really hazy brain when I’m doing too many things at once. I’ll look up from whatever it is I was doing, and give my husband a blank look like I barely even know his name. I’m so far gone with my obsession to consume every single Insta-story, that I’ve suddenly lost and hour and I have no idea how.

So I am going to make more of an effort to do one thing at a time. And do it well. That Insta feed ain’t going anywhere whilst I catch up on this weeks Will & Grace.




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