My Daily Routine, How To Find Your Groove

my daily routine

My daily routine is really important for me. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I thrive on routine. I get serious “fuzzy brain” (lol totally just typed fuzzy brian at first), if something throws a spanner in the works. I know when I am most productive, whether it’s a work day, a free as a bird weekend, or a blog day. I’m big on list making, and I even like to map out how my month is looking in terms of busy weekends vs quiet days so that I know when I need to get shit done.

how to find your groove

Pay attention to when you feel like you want to conquer the world. Do you wake up feeling like you could floor Mike Tyson? Or do you prefer a slow morning, before feeling like you could beat Mo Farrah in a marathon by the afternoon? God knows where those sporting references came from, but ya know what I mean.

I could clear 100 emails in minutes first thing in the morning. 3pm hits and all I can think about is what I am having for dinner and whether my dog has had a nice day. So I know that my daily routine needs to include a productive morning. Then, I’ll give myself a little slack in the afternoon and pay attention to less demanding tasks. I also tend to get a little surge of energy right at the end of the working day, and usually slam out a ton of work in about 30 minutes knowing I’ll feel better about it in the morning.

Be kind to yourself in the moments where you just know things ain’t going to happen, allowing you to really maximise those crazy productive hours. If you identify that 2-4pm are really shit hours for you, get as much done as you can before then, in the knowledge that life will slow down a bit for those 2 hours. And if you wanna squeeze in a chocolate based treat in those quiet hours, that’s your call.

why i believe in list making

Lists are the making of me, lol. I love a planner. I would probably even use a planner to plan my planner. Say planner again, why don’t you? But tell me, when was the last time it got to the end of the day and you said “SHIT…I didn’t do XX”? And how annoying is it? I had a bullet journal for a while, and if you are a creative type and you’ve got a bit of time on your hands, they’re fab. But if you just want to keep track of your life, get ya self a cute planner and make listsI use my Kate Spade planner in the same way as a bullet journal in terms of lists etc, but it does the pretty for me.

Let me look at my list for today…”Call Salisbury Volkswagen”, “Make tomorrow’s lunch”, “Package up ASOS returns”. All normal stuff, and all stuff that I would definitely forget if I didn’t write it down. My daily routine includes a bit of time dedicated to making a list for that day every morning.

If you do one thing this week, try making lists every day and see if it helps you get your shit together. Or at least feel like you have.

my daily routine

how to be productive on the weekend

If you fancy a whole post about planning the perfect weekend, I got you gal, have a read here. Basically, I feel a bit rubbish when it gets to Sunday evening and I haven’t maximised the 48 hours I get to call my own. Whether I wanted to paint the downstairs loo or spend time with my famalam, if I haven’t planned well enough to get it all done it really gets me down.

We all know that mornings are my thang, so I generally feel a bit better when I prise my Instagram obsessed phone out of my hand at a decent hour and get going. My daily routine on the weekend all too often includes far too much bed scrolling. AKA consuming ALL THE SOCIAL MEDIA before I’ve even had a shower. We all deserve a lie in from time to time, but for me, nothing feels better than a productive morning. I am basically just buying myself more time on the sofa when the snoozey feels hit by 3pm. Brunch is a sure fire way to get me going earlier in the morning, I can’t recommend it enough!

squeezing in spontaneity

Ok, ok…sometimes I need to put down my planning hat and allow myself to be a little bit more spontaneous. I schedule pretty much everything in life. My daily routine sometimes starts to rule my life. What we’re eating this week. When I’m going to see my pals. Whether it’s bathroom cleaning day or the kitchen. Sometimes I just need to say yes, when my husband suggests we go for dinner last minute. Today’s meal can wait until tomorrow. Or a cinema visit with barely any notice. You can clean the bathroom tomorrow. I need to remember that life will not stop if I change my plans, or don’t spend the evening on the sofa.

I’ve got a lot to learn when it comes to this, so all I can do is remind you that a little bit of spontaneity is good. Or a lot. Anyone got any tips (or links to posts!) that could help?

I’d love to know what you do to squeeze the most out of your daily routine?

my daily routine

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