Should You Go To University?

I went to University because I didn’t know what to do next. I’d had no big revelations about the type of career I wanted, and applying for University seemed to be the expected thing. Everyone was doing it, so jeez, I better get on and get that application in. I chose Events Management because I hated the thought of anything too academic (although I probs should have done something artsy, like media), and I thought it would be fun. Maybe I would be running Little Mix’s tour one day. Or planning Harry Styles worldwide tour. Gaad can you imagine. Lol. But actually, now I am an actual real life adult, I’m not sure whether Uni is that important, and I don’t think you should worry if you’re considering not going to uni.

not going to uni

My biggest reason for University

OK, maybe I shouldn’t start with this, but hear me out, I’ll explain. The lifestyle and the social. I grew into my own person whilst I was at University. I learnt how to live with 5 other girls and found friends that will be there for the rest of my life. These girls know everything that there is to know about me, and they are now the friends that I have known longest in my life.

Not only that, but I found my (now) husband. The guy that I fell into the middle of a road with after too many cocktails and got picked up by a policewoman with. Not picked up as in arrested lol, physically picked up and sent on our way.

I created memories that cannot be rivalled, and I wouldn’t change for the world. For those alone, University is worth it all, and I would recommend it to anyone.

But does it really matter if you’re considering not going to uni?

Independence & life skills

I’ve always been quite an independent gal, but going to University plunged me into a town 2-3 hours from home. I had no alternative but to stand on my own two feet at the age of 18. To manage my own funds, do my own laundry, feed myself. And haul myself out of bed and into lectures after the third night out that week lol.

That said, I don’t see why you couldn’t have all of the above without University. And in actual fact, you’re still kinda babied a bit with your student loan and lack of real responsibilities. I’m talking a job, mortgages, bills that aren’t taken care of by the University or your landlord.

I think that some people need the push of University to force them into independence and gain essential life skills. But for those who have the drive to gain those anyway, not going to Uni won’t be the end of the world.

not going to uni

Career prospects

How many times did your college lecturers highlight the importance of having a degree on your CV. And how many of you have fast tracked into some high flying career based purely on having a degree? Sorry, let me just wait whilst the tumble weed passes. Now, you can ignore these ramblings if you always knew you wanted to be a teacher, a doctor or I don’t know, some kind of scientist. But, for most of us, our degrees probably aren’t having that much of an impact. Yes, it looks great, and when I was employed in my current job they would have seen it as a bonus, a signal of my commitment, but I don’t need a degree in Events Management to be a Personal Assistant.

I know so many people who are doing incredibly well in their careers. Either earning similar wages to me, or far exceeding what I take home each month, without the holy grail degree. In fact, those that went into a career straight out of college, simply had a head start. Not going to uni meant they had longer to establish a career and gain experience in their profession.

Experience over education

And that brings me to experience. Experience, experience, experience. That’s all an employer really wants. It’s great that you had the commitment and drive to study in that area, but do you really know how the industry works? Do you have any contacts? What can you bring to the company? At the end of the day, that is all that matters.

Realistically, you’re going to come out of University with a big fat debt (albeit one that barely matters, and is outweighed by the epic memories), and be faced with having to either work for free whilst you gain experience, or jump into any old job that pays for your latest ASOS haul.

I wouldn’t change what I did, because I loved every second, but I an apprenticeship and work experience in the field I want to work in seems to have such higher value in the long term than a degree.

And the hardest bit to work out?

What do you want to do? It’s so difficult, and after all these years…I’m still not sure I know!

Did you go to University? If so, what are your thoughts now you look back? And if you’re considering not going to uni, I would love to know your view!

not going to uni

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