Preparing For Baby

Guys, what can I say, we all know I am addicted to planning. A bit of a control freak, you could say. So how on earth am I preparing for baby? When baby certainly can’t read my spreadsheets, lists and schedules…

Pregnancy Fitness

I’m not exactly a gym bunny. I’ve had my days of 7 am starts to get a spinning class in before work starts, and rushing off to Body Balance before I head home.

Been there, done that, rather be at home these days. But I’ve always known that I fancied a few classes when it came to pregnancy.


I started Aquafit at around 15 weeks pregnant, and right from the start I have loved the sensation of being in the water.

I’m not the strongest swimmer, I was never going to take up lane swimming, so this is perfect.

A few tips from me, if you’re thinking of giving it a go:

  1. Make sure to tell your instructor that you’re pregnant, they’ll let you know if and when to adjust any of the moves
  2. Take it at your own pace. I love the fact that no one can actually see what I’m doing, lol. 9 times out of 10, I am working as hard as anyone else, but if I feel like taking the easy route, I do.
  3. Get yourself a good maternity swimsuit. I have a couple from ASOS which I love. Choose something that will contain those preggo boobs.
  4. Use the time in the pool before or after your class to do a few moves that help baby get into the correct position. I’m talking slow hip movements, such as an imaginary hula hoop!

If you get the chance to try a dedicated Aqua Bumps class too… definitely do it! Unfortunately I can’t make it to my local one whilst I’m still working, but I did get to one session and it was amazing. Being midwife led, we did lots of baby chat, relaxation, and advice too!

Bump Yoga

I was also 100% keen on Bump Yoga, and my experience so far as outweighed my expectations even more than I expected, and they were high!

I’m lucky enough to have a midwife led class, and I look forward to that hour and a half all week.

Think relaxation, baby chat with other mums to be, stretches that do wonders, and lessons on topics such as positions for labour, optimum fetal position, and massage in labour.

I had no idea we would get into some of the topics we have done, and I basically sit there open mouthed soaking in as much as I can each time.

If you think the yoga environment is all spiritual and quiet, I’d likely think again, because if it’s anything like mine, we’re a bunch of chatterboxes…and you certainly don’t need to be a yoga expert!

Hypnobirthing and NHS classes

Ok, so I can’t report back on these just yet, as our courses haven’t begun, but I booked these up as soon as I could!


I’ve heard so many good things about hypnobirthing. If you’ve not yet heard about it, have a read of this article on Mother & Baby, where it’s described as the combination of mindfulness and hypnosis.

Whilst I’m not going to hold myself to anything when it comes to labour, I’d like to avoid too much pain relief, and hypnobirthing sounds right up my street.

I love the idea that it will give Ross a role to play in the birth of our little boy, and I’m so hoping it will keep me calm!

Our course is midwife led, and consists of 4 group sessions and a 1-1 nearer to the due date.

I’ll report back with a full review once we’ve given it a go, if you’re interested?

Have a search here for your local hypnobirthing teacher.

NHS Classes

I’m assuming that the availability of these courses differs according to where you are in the country, but we are lucky enough to have access to the following free courses:

  1. Antenatal Breastfeeding Session – for both Ross and I to attend, run by an experienced and qualified breastfeeding counsellor. Lol, Ross cannot wait for this one…and it’s likely he’s going to be on a hangover that day. BRILLIANT.
  2. Confident Birthing Workshop – sounds like a bit of an extension to our hypnobirthing course, but I’ll take all the learning I can get! This is a 3 hour session, focusing on optimal position for labour and birth, assisting you to feel calm and confident. Here’s hoping.
  3. Preparation for Birth & Beyond – this is the one Ross is most excited for, a 6 hour session covering pretty much everything they can when it comes to late pregnancy, birth and the early days with a newborn. Wish us luck!

I would say, take all the help available in your area…whatever feels right for you both.

Spreadsheets, lol

Ok yes, I’ll admit it, there are spreadsheets.

Mostly for all the things we need to buy. I basically googled to find a list of all the basics that baby is likely to need, and stuck it in an excel, creating a budget alongside.

I’ve added links to all of my favourite items, and it’s making gathering the essentials so much easier.

I’m pretty sure I would wander into Mothercare with a blank look on my face otherwise!

Some people are great at winging it, and others need a bit of a plan. When it comes to preparing for baby, I know there’s only so much I can do, but a few lists do a lot to help my mental health!

Rather than bore you with the details, my spreadsheet is split into the following columns, and I’m slowly ticking them off…

  • Clothing
  • Feeding
  • Nappy changing
  • Bedtime
  • Bathtime
  • Playtime
  • Safety
  • Out & About

If you’re interested, I’m more than happy to share more details!

How are you preparing for baby?

Although I’m trying to prepare, I’m also kinda winging it because, isn’t that what we’re all doing in reality?

I would love to know how you are preparing for baby over on Instagram and Twitter!

Are you up to date on the rest of my baby blog posts? How about all of the apps and magazines you should be reading?

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