Quarter Life Crisis & Why Ageing Isn’t So Bad

How many times have you heard someone moan about getting another year older? Oh no, I’m going to be 21 on Tuesday. 21. TWENTY-ONE. YOU’RE A BABY. Hitting 25 and complaining of a quarter life crisis. Ok, I get it, growing up can be confusing. We’re lost in this big world wondering what our purpose is. Why am I stuck in this god awful office? Why am I sat here in my PJ’s whilst the whole world and their wife jet off to some exotic island? P.S. They’re not. Instagram is a highlights reel.

Put that aside for a moment though, getting older is a beautiful thing. Imagine the alternative, it ain’t pretty. And we’re certainly not about to start getting any younger.

quarter life crisis

appreciate every moment

When we’re younger, we dream of the elusive days of “being an adult”. We dream about the day we move into our own home. The day that we have our own money to buy shit we don’t need. Then, those days arrive and we find ourselves scrabbling deposits together and having to put that ASOS order on pause in favour of eating that week.

Or do we lol. Maybe we just eat beans in favour of the ASOS order.

So don’t wish your life away, but allow yourself a bit of reflection from time to time. Isn’t it wonderful that we are even in a position to choose between beans or ASOS? Whatever your living situation, whether you’re house sharing, living with parents or in your own place, enjoy it. That’s where you are in your time of life, so make the most of it. Don’t panic if ermigaaad you’re turning 29 tomorrow and you aren’t where you thought you would be in life. Don’t let a quarter life crisis hit.

think about how flipping awesome it is to get older

Life experience comes with age. Things that were a massive fucking headache at 17 will pale into comparison when you add a decade on. You’re older, wiser, more capable to handle challenging situations. More able to let go of negative drama.

There is always something exciting that comes with ageing. Getting stuck into your late teens where it’s all about nights out with friends and driving an actual real life car. How about your twenties, a decade that might be filled with new homes, new jobs, maybe even love. I could go on, but do you know what, I don’t know what my thirties will hold (and I’ve still got a year of my twenties left!), but I feel like it will be good.

quarter life crisis

the luxury of time

There are so many opportunities out there in this world, with so many years to enjoy them in. Even if you’re turning 40…that’s nothing, you still have the luxury of so much time. It doesn’t feel like it sometimes with the pressure of society and the pressure that we put on ourselves, but seriously, don’t underestimate the luxury of time.

My main goal in life is to get older. To gain years. To experience everything that comes with each new age. If I get to 60, 80, 100 and can look back at a life I loved I am going to be bloody ecstatic.

I guess that’s what my cancer diagnosis did. When I was told I had two weeks left to live in August 2016 (AUGUST 2016 – GO ME!), it wasn’t the past that flashed before my eyes. It was the future. The life that I wasn’t going to get to see. I instantly thought about the family I wouldn’t have. I thought about how I wanted to luxuriate in retirement with my husband. How I wanted to outlive my parents and grandparents, because as awful as that sounds, the opposite just isn’t right.

I’m so conscious of the luxury of time now. I’m greedy for time, I want as much of it as possible and I’m always so bloody excited to have another birthday that it makes me want to scream from the rooftops that I did it, I did another year on this planet!

don’t underestimate getting older

Things aren’t about to get worse because you gained another year. Take it like a blessing and make the most of every moment.

Not to mention that we all seem to be growing old with grace and stacks of glamour these days. Hello Timehop showing me how bloody awful I looked just a few short years ago. Hello eyebrows and a growing love for fashion as I get older. I am totally here for that. Yeah so maybe my eyes have a few more lines than they used to, or my boobs are heading in the wrong direction, but hey swings and roundabouts my love.

p.s. it’s ma birthday

I am about to indulge in the last year of my twenties and I am determined to make it a good one. I want to soak up every little second that I am given. There will be shit times, really really shit times. But there will be good too. And maybe I will in fact find a rooftop to shout from when I bloody well make it to 30!

Do you worry about a quarter life crisis? Moan every time the birthday fairy rolls around? I’d love to know how you combat those feels, and leave me any bucket list ideas for my 29th year!

quarter life crisis

Photos by @richross66

Beret – H&M
Earring – Primark (purchased January 2018)
Jumper – H&M
Skirt – H&M
Shoes – ASOS

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quarter life crisis

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