Read This Before You Visit Barcelona

read this before you visit barcelona

Read this before you visit Barcelona

This week’s “read this” post comes all the way from sunny Barcelona! To say we have been excited for this little trip is an understatement. With the longest winter ever behind us, and the 100 mile bike ride done and dusted, it is a welcome break to celebrate our wedding anniversary in Barcelona. We arrived last night with a bit of a bumpy start. Our flight arrived slightly late, I left my camera on the plane, and then slipped flat on my bum at the top of the escalator at the Magic Fountains. On the plus side, my camera is found, and I can collect this morning, and we made it in time to see the Magic Fountain display…it can only get better from here, right? I did a lot of planning before we arrived to get the most out of our trip, so read this before you visit Barcelona.

Read this for a hidden Barcelona gem

We plan on heading up here tomorrow…

Read this if you’re spending two days in Barcelona

For epic amounts of detail, our whole trip is basically planned around this blog post. You need to read this before you visit Barcelona.

Read this if you’ve only got your camera phone to hand

A super relatable guide which shows it is possible to get amazing photos sans expenny camera.

Read this if you’re feeling hungry

For all the food

…and the bargain hand luggage that will set you for 4 days in Barcelona

I’m pretty happy with my purchase!

Prepare yourselves for Barcelona content on our return, and if there is anything you particularly want to hear about, let me know!

P.S. Have you been thinking about open shelving in your home? Are you allowing enough time for self care, and treating yourself like you do your best pals? And if travel’s your thang, here’s 1 reason why Washington DC was a let down.

Image from Old English Co 

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