Read This Before You Take On A New Challenge

read thisOK guys, no panic here but I am less than 1 week away from cycling 100 miles from Bournemouth to Brighton to raise money for the Centre for Cancer Immunology, eeeek! I won’t lie, I’d expected to do a lot more cycling than I have done in the lead up. But, I am feeling good and ready to get it done. I just need to focus on a positive mental attitude to get me through now! Read this for a little bit of inspo when it comes to taking on a new challenge…

5 tips to start running at any age 

From starting slow to training with a friend, read this for easy steps to get into running, but I reckon it can apply to most exercise.

The four things everyone should do daily to make it the best day ever

Read this for easy tips that can apply to everyday life, and will help you to get organised for a new challenge.

Essential wellness hacks from the man who trains Victoria’s Secret models

From sleeping more to adding (not taking away!) from your diet, read this!

Study proves cycling back-pedals the ageing process

If nothing else gets me onto my bike, this article will!

A New Challenge: How To Plan for Success

And, read this for a few tips from yours truly…

Ahhhh please please wish me luck with our mammoth bike ride! I will be back to update you all in next Sunday’s blog post. If you are able to spare a few quid to sponsor us here, I’ll love you as much as I love Cadbury Egg & Spoons.

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