Read This For Maximum Chill

read this for maximum chill
And just like that, I am having a lazy lie in with the 100 mile bike ride well and truly under my belt! I actually can’t believe it’s done, and that I actually cycled 100 MILES. WHAT THE HELL?! I can’t say enough thank you’s for the support & love that pushed me through. So far we’ve raised £3,696!! But right now, I’m revelling in the fact that I don’t have to get on my bike for a long time, whilst spooning my dog in bed. So, who can blame me for looking out for some chilled reads this morning? Read this for maximum chill.

Slow Sunday Club

Allie & Sophie send out one of my favourite newsletters creating “a space for all things slow, cosy, interesting and thought-provoking”. Have a read of their latest newsletter, and whilst you’re there, I suggest signing up!

Fancy taking a (sound) bath?

This sounds SO interesting, and something I could get on board with right now. Need all.the.chill.

The only thing I want to wear today and the thing I want to snuggle in all day

I’ll give you two clues, it starts with a P and ends with a J’s…

I want to eat this all day long today

Pasta, pasta, pasta…what more would you want?

The Instagram account that is soothing my soul today

Honestly, I find it so relaxing and inspiring to browse this feed!

The slow living break I am craving today

I NEED to book a stay in one of these incredible locations.

I hope that your Sundays are filled with love and chill. And preferably a roast dinner cooked by someone else. What have you all got to look forward to this week? We are flying out to Barcelona next Saturday, so this week is all about packing prep and beauty treatments. I am SO excited to get a lash lift and my nails done! It makes me feel about a billion times more put together, and gal, I need that after yesterday…

P.S. Are you up to date with my chat for the week? I told you about the only thing you need in your bedroom, lolled about the 5 things my Instagram husband hates, and gave you 6 reasons to visit New York in winter or spring.

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