Read This If You Fancy Reminiscing

Read This If You Fancy Reminiscing

Read this if you fancy reminiscing

Well haven’t we all enjoyed saying HELLO SPRING this week?! It’s been just laaaavly. We had a super short week at work after we got back from Barcelona, but that meant spending a couple of days when we got back daydreaming about how I could take over the world somehow or win the lottery. A girl can dream, ay? We had the best time in Barcelona, so there will be plenty of content on that next week…

Talking of daydreaming though, one of my fave things to do is reminisce over things from my childhood. It’s hilarious to think about some of the things we were into, and I love that moment when you’re faced with something you had forgotten all about until then. I’m a 90’s kid (well, born in ’89…I didn’t see much of the 80’s), and if you were grew up in the Spice Girls era too, you might enjoy today’s post. Read this if you fancy reminiscing.

This is what got me started on this train of thought

Sanasa sana SAAAA. If you know, you know.

This girl always gets me with her throwbacks

I literally feel like we grew up with identical childhoods!

Order yourself one of these if you want to feel like the ultimate 90’s kid

The one thing I cannot believe has made its way into 2018.

Or these if you want to throw it back, but not quite so in ya face

I would definitely still wear these…

The makeup brand that I cannot believe still looks the same

They¬†still do the eyeliner in “White Moon” that I lived by, lol. Plus a whole host of products promising that “Insta Glow”. That wasn’t a thing in my day, lol.

And the round up that you will love

Ok, so you seriously need to read this if you fancy reminiscing. I remembered literally everything, and it made me feel like a kid again!

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