Read This If You Are SO Ready For Summer

Read This If You Are SO Ready For Summer

Last week, our summer working hours started, so that means I get to finish at 3pm on a Friday. Best work perk ever! That, paired with the fact that we’ve had our first May bank holiday, and the sun has made an appearance has seriously got me ready for summer. I’ve even started slapping on the fake tan on the regs.

Looking ready for summer

If you’re trying to navigate the world of fake tan, this is the stuff I currently live by, and this is the gem I’m daring myself to try this summer. I say “daring” because I’m super scared of a colour guideless tan, but Lydia pretty much sold me in her vlog here. I’m also desperate to get my hands on this facial mist tanner!

I’ve recently got back into treating myself to a manicure once a month, and I’m obsessed with these brand new gel colours.

I mean, I could bore you with hours with the things I’m currently lusting after on ASOS, but here’s the one thing you all went mad for on my Instagram stories.

Making plans for summer

I’m definitely that person who dreams up all of these Pinterest and hygge ideas for how to spend summer, and do I do any of it? Well maybe the odd thing, but never enough.

I want to visit this local treasure that I can’t believe we’ve never seen before.

I’d love to spend a week or so camping and staying in Airbnbs around one of my favourite bits of the UK. Yep, I love camping!

And spending summer at home

Throwing open the doors and windows and hanging my washing out to dry in the garden. I LOVE IT, Yes, I am 89 years old, lol. Actually, I don’t think an 89 year old would even be that excited to hang their washing outside.

Anyway, here are the mega Pinterest things I want to do this summer…

Create this little snuggly date night set up.

Organise a BBQ this bloody extra.

And work on something this insanely beautiful in my garden.

How ready for summer are you?

P.S. This week I considered my life balance and how to stop giving myself a hard time, and 5 easy peasy tips for packing light!

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