Reality Check: 5 Reasons Why Social Media Is Weird

Reality Check: 5 Reasons Why Social Media Is Weird

Do you ever have a reality check moment where you suddenly realise that living our lives through Instagram, Twitter or Facebook is really WEIRD? When I got my first mobile phone (shout out to my Nokia 5110 and the many interchangeable fronts I used to have for it lol), all it was good for was a phone call, a 10p text message or a game of Snake. But now, I use my mobile phone to run my entire life.

Recently, it was pointed out to me that our little fingers are evolving into the shape of our phones. In the nook where we prop it for hours of Instagram scrolling. 8.3 hours a week to be precise in my case, as I discovered in this post, oops.

Anyway, weird human evolvement facts out the way, so many of us now do so many things via our social media that, if you really think about it, are just plain weird. My Nokia 5110 bearing 10 year old self would stare at you as if you had dropped from another planet if she saw you doing some of these things…

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Want more followers

Not everyone wants more followers, some are quite content with Susie from school, their Mum and Janet from accounts keeping up to date with their escapades. But then there’s others (me included) that get a buzz from seeing that Insta follow count creeping up.

We literally set goals for the number of people we want to follow us. FOLLOW US. Imagine if I had set a goal at the start of the year to have 1,000 people physically follow me around everyday to see what I get up to? Sticking love hearts on my head every time they like what they see, and commenting on every move I make.

Yes, it’s a great community and a way to build a brand, but take that out of the equation for a moment and it’s pretty lol to think about what we’re actually doing.

Talk to ourselves

Whether it’s Snapchat, Insta stories or YouTube, it’s become quite normal to talk to ourselves these days. Well, maybe it’s not normal to everyone, I am sure that Nigel down the road would have a good stare if he saw me talking directly to myself in my phone screen as he walks his dog in the morning.

But to the rest of us, it’s totally normal to stick a puppy filter on and tell hundred’s of people what we’re up to. Just bought a lipstick? Better insta story that shit. About to hop on the train? Better update everyone! Reality check, that’s weird, right?

Look at photos of other peoples lives

Instagram is by far my fave social media. I love a good scroll, nosying at what everyone is up to, or how they’ve beautifully arranged their belongings into an entirely unrealistic flatlay. Discovering new creators who tone their lives into a soft peachy hue, a moody grey vibe, or bob around in front of pink walls all day.

Just throw yourself back to a time before social media, is it not just a bit weird that we spend maybe an hour a day just looking at photos? We even purposely spend time taking photos that will look good on the grid. And it’s one of our fave things to do? Lol.

Instagram is probs the one we need the biggest reality check with. Guess what? None of this really matters…it’s all just make believe and a bit of fun.

Tell the world what we’re thinking in 280 characters

Have we always needed an outlet to tell people that we’re having a duvet day? Did you all need to know that I learnt that my dog has ticklish feet today? Hmm maybe not… Another weird thing that we indulge in these days, broadcasting our little thoughts to the world via little Twitter soundbites. And waiting to see whether the likes, retweets or comments will roll in and validate our thoughts.

I guess it all started with a Facebook status, when you had to begin with “Abi is…” cue pointless updates such as “Abi is…painting her nails!” Excuse me Facebook, why did you feel the need to make us all refer to ourselves in the third person like complete idiots? Lol.

Talk to strangers

At what point did we all decide to ignore those “stranger danger” lessons that we had at school? Oh yeah, probs around 2006 when Twitter entered our lives.

Here we all are, chatting to new people everyday. Sliding into the DM’s of our idols, only for them to completely ignore coz lol, they got 2 million people following them around everyday, sticking love hearts on their heads.

But hey, aside from the many weirdo’s that I am sure are out there, I have found a few gems on the old Twitter. And I love ignoring my stranger danger lessons for them. Unless you’ve fooled me and you really are a crazy stalker, soz, bye.

Of course, I am just having a lol with you guys here. Social media is a wonderful place if we all treat it well. And I love building my insta community, sticking an imaginary flower crown on my head to tell you about my breakfast, wistfully scrolling through little squares of amazing lives, updating you all on the fact that I dropped a bag of poo on my dogs head this morning, and making new friends everyday.

That said, it’s a healthy reality check to understand that none of this is real. If you logged out of Twitter for the last time ever today, your life would still continue. If you don’t get 10 new Insta followers today, you will still be the same 28 year old watching Eastenders with a hot chocolate that you were before. Reality check, 500 likes on a photo won’t equal happiness. Not that alone anyway.

Have you noticed anything about living in an online world that is just plain weird when you actually think about it? I would love to hear your thoughts, and if this post made you think of someone you know, share it with them on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook! (Yep that’s right, share it with someone, like the online weirdo we all are lol).

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